FilmBooth Partners with Wishberry to Crowdsource India's First Spoof Film Festival- Spoofhmania

FilmBooth Partners with Wishberry to Crowdsource India's First Spoof Film Festival- Spoofhmania

Friday September 14, 2012,

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Filmbooth, a Delhi-based short film organization, announced Spoofhmania, an international–scale annual festival to celebrate innovative spoof cinema and diversity in humor by crazy, lunatic, irreverent artists and enthusiasts who waiting to be heard.

The significant highlight of the festival is the idea of raising funds & rearing the trust of people driven by common interests/ intent in an effort to kick start the ‘Spoof Revolution’. It's Filmbooth’s true test in its fan space and an opportunity to garner enough curiosity & amusement for their supporters.  The festival creates a unique platform for spoof cinema to compete and exhibit some of the most entertaining and creative work, produced worldwide.

The concept of Crowd funding, extends beyond its broad connotation of raising financial support. Filmbooth intends to nurture the power of the crowd supporting them, engaging their fans in a constructive dialogue to use their inputs & suggestions to produce what they want to see.

Crowd funding is a relatively recent concept in India if compared to its prominence in the US. In an effort to create India’s first -of –it’s- kinds Spoof festival, Filmbooth has partnered with Wishberry to create a platform for gaining contributions from its prospective enthusiasts.

 Mohak, Co-Founder, Filmbooth shares “India is a country of tremendous potential when it comes to spoofing stuff. There’s no dearth of subjects– take our youth icons, TV shows and celebrities for instance! And yet, we have been deprived of quality (mainstream) spoofs till now. The Western world has been home to some good spoofs but we have waited many years for a full-fledged Spoof film, and now we have stopped waiting. Spoofhmania is here to fill this void and what better than Short films which in itself are a powerful medium.”

Speaking about crowdfunding, Gaurav Raturi, Co-Founder, Filmbooth states “We are trying to create a platform for niche artists and filmmakers to explore spoof as a distinct genre. Crowdfunding enables creative freedom, innovation and also familiarizes one with the whole community of similar passionate people. Ideas which are rejected mostly by sponsors as crazy and risky can take shape through this medium. We aim to co-produce a package of High quality shorts films, which will travel to various festivals, platforms, and may be the Multiplexes.”

Get more details at Spoofhmania!

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