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Friday September 14, 2012,

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It is often said, "Content drives the internet." Quality content-based communication is at the core of any effective marketing/advertising campaign. Internet marketing is no different. Users or consumers on the internet are browsing through a highly competitive and cluttered assimilation of information. For your offering to stand out, content must be king. Crisp, focused and professionally written content optimized for relevant keywords can work wonders.

The Need for a Content Writer

The biggest mistake website owners can commit is to compromise on the quality of their content by either writing it themselves or handing it down to web designers/developers who can do a similarly ordinary job. Content must be developed only by a competent content writer who knows the nuances of attracting and enthralling digital readers. Yes, digital readers and their patterns differ from print readers. As individuals we can treat the same text we love in a magazine with utter despise on a blog. Same goes for your target audience.

The Hunt for the Best Content Writer

There is an endless list of content writers on the web. But, most are actually just people with spare time on their hands, looking to make an extra buck. What you require is a trained and dedicated professional content writer. Let’s look at some quick tips to spot one.

  • Fall for firms not fellows – It is best to outsource your content writing jobs to companies that employ and train content writers with specialist knowledge of different subjects and industries. They will deliver better quality and reliable service, as your text will most likely be scrutinized at multiple levels.
  • Ask for proof – Be sure of the credentials offered by your content writer/provider. Ask for samples, testimonials etc.
  • Request for pitches – Invite pitches from multiple content developers and take your call based on the quality and price balance; DO NOT compromise on the former.

The counterview

As a startup, one might argue that a dedicated content writer is not affordable but it is always a trade-off. Sometimes, personalizaton works. If you have the flair and can keep it sticky, nothing like it but if you don't enjoy doing it, you need someone to write for you. Because content matters. A lot!

Latest Digital Content Trends

One of the latest fads in digital content development is creating dedicated material for mobile phone viewing. With handset screens getting bigger and wireless bandwidths getting wider, mobiles are the new computers. You don’t want your website opening like a puzzle on your prospect’s phone.

Another mammoth of a digital trend has been the internet user’s addiction to social networks. Content developers have cashed in on this by blending social networking interactions into their content.

Last but not the least is an age old SEO phenomenon called the keyword. However, contrary to popular yet obsolete belief effective content is not saturated with your keywords but uses them with craft and maintains just the right amount to engage interest, not offend it.

This article is by a senior writer with Godot Media, a copywriting service provider. 

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