‘Android Developer Contest’ for Chennai Students by Dimension Co

Thursday September 13, 2012,

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Android powers hundreds of millions of devices in more than 190 countries around the world. Nowadays, mobile users want more functions and features in their smart phones. Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for smart-phones, and an open marketplace for distributing them instantly.The ‘Android Developer Contest’ is brought to you by Dimension Co. in association with Spaceterior and The4Cast.com. Funding opportunities and other prizes, Dimension Co. is gearing up for the event. The contest has commenced and is being held at several colleges till October 31, 2012, across Chennai.

This program is broken into two parts. The first phase is a day-long workshop to train the interested participants in Android Application development. A team of trainers shall visit select colleges and organize a workshop to train their students in Android programming. An open training camp is also hosted by Dimensions Co. on Saturdays in the months of September & October. The second phase is the contest, where a participant (single or a team of two) will develop an Android application that relates to one of the listed categories (education, casual games, social networking, lifestyle, productivity and entertainment).

The contest is open only for applications that have not been made publicly available through the Android Market prior to October 31, 2012. To participate, register here or call 8122057775 / 044-64550681 to enroll now. The submitted applications will be screened by the jury, and winners will be announced across all the categories on Nov 15, 2012. The top two winners will walk away with an Android Tablet & Android Mobile Phone respectively, while selected projects will get funding opportunities. All qualified participants get consolidation prizes, scholarship, and certificate for their efforts.

This contest will give the programmers an opportunity to showcase their talent in Android marketplace. The college students can participate in training camps for a kickstart. “This contest aims to spread awareness to all programmers and technology enthusiasts who want to explore opportunities in mobile media”, said Mr. Seshu Karthick, Founder & CEO of Dimensions Co.

He further added that, “There is such great demand for Android Developers in Chennai, but very little awareness among the youth about its demand. If you know to program in Java, you are just a month away to become an Android Developer. You can ride the future technology wave using Android as a tool.”

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