Appszito: A Mobile App Search Engine based on Relational Algorithm

Thursday September 13, 2012,

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With the ever increasing popularity of smartphones with iOS and Android systems on them, there is a high demand for useful tools, fun games and overall rich mobile apps. Developers are answering the consumer’s demand by creating millions of beneficial and, at times, not so beneficial mobile apps. The problem is that Smartphone users have to determine what mobile apps will be most useful to them and then find the most cost effective deals on said mobile apps.  This can be a difficult process considering the amount of mobile apps being developed daily is staggering, thus many useful apps get lost in the shuffle.

Appszito, a search engine for apps, aims to cater to both, the developer and the consumer, by providing information on the best deals for Smartphone apps. With so many apps being created, quality mobile apps can get lost in the shuffle. They also help the developer by accentuating his offering in the search made by the users. In today’s fluctuating economy, Appszito takes pride in the fact that they can help iOS and Android developers market their quality products and help users find beneficial, cost effective mobile apps quickly and easily.

Personal experience led us to discover that finding useful and cost effective mobile apps was a challenge. We decided to meet that challenge head on. We found ourselves compelled to discover a solution to the issues Smartphone users were having related to mobile app search. In the process, Appszito was born,” says Shreyas, Co-founder, Appszito.

In order to set up a team they actively attended many start-up meetings where they shared ideas with likeminded individuals. They were passionate about mobile app search and discovery, and others shared their passion. Those individuals are now on the Appszito team.

We are very different from standard integrated search, as our crawlers crawl across the web in its entirety and gather up to date, relevant information about mobile apps. One could compare Appszito to Google, except our search engine is specifically targeted towards Android and iOS device mobile apps. The same process of key word search is utilized, however all irrelevant information is excluded and users receive relevant results with every inquiry,” says Rahul, Co-founder, Appszito.

They chose the smartphone mobile app search field to help consumers easily find required mobile apps for their Android and iOS devices. They want to cater to the rising needs of mobile app users and provide an easy solution for mobile app search. With a plethora of mobile apps in the market, the developers are finding it difficult to break even on the apps they create. As Appszito highlights mobile apps via their search engine, the developers approach them to advertise their apps on specific searches with sponsored ads. They also plan to launch a indigenous sponsored app feature. As of now, Appszito is being managed by the bootstrapped funds. The team is actively seeking venture funding so as to enable a quick scale up of the products and services.Their goal is to become the de facto search engine for mobile apps worldwide. They plan to continually update the site so that the consumers find the exact mobile apps they need quickly and efficiently. They also plan to help developers by allowing ease of access to their products with targeted search results. Currently, they provide iOS deals and are in the process of making Android deals available.

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