Funtoot Acquires 10000 Clients on Release; 70% of Sales in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities

Funtoot Acquires 10000 Clients on Release; 70% of Sales in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities

Thursday September 13, 2012,

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Bangalore based technology startup for K-12 education, eDreams, recently released its product, Funtoot. It has acquired over 10,000 paid users. This user base ranges between students from class 2 to 8. In an exclusive conversation with, Rajeev Pathak, co-founder of eDreams, shared his initial success story with us.

“Like Magic”

Funtoot is based on an AI engine, which understands the user based on responses, errors, communication and other parameters. Based on this understanding, the user is provided with a learning track which suits the child.

“Providing static content on a mobile device doesn’t make learning any easier. Content still has to be read and video’s still

have to be seen. Funtoot’s AI engine almost replicates the teacher in a class room and that is why its usage has been so widely accepted,” said Rajeev.“A sales pitch consists of a demo where the teachers can see how the system works. Seeing the same system work differently for each child baffles them. The children learn effectively and our reward system for the children makes them come back to the system again and again. One of our clients said ‘it works like magic!’ To us, this was great validation of what we’ve been trying to do.”

Indian acceptance

“Close to 70% of our sales are from tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. We purposely didn’t concentrate on tier 1 cities and metros because they will not think that much to spend money on technology enabled learning. People in the smaller cities will only buy the product if it works and with almost 6000 customers from these places, I think it is safe to say that our product works and it will change the way children learn,” said Rajeev.

The eDreams team is currently working to add more subjects that the system can teach and are looking to collaborate with other educational companies in the near future. As of now, eDreams isn’t looking to rest on its achievement, the nature of which is enormous.

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