Startup Revu Launches Clubd; An App That Allows Hotels and Cafes to Thank 'You'

Friday November 16, 2012,

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Revu is a mobile based consumer engagement and loyalty solutions has launched Clubd, an app that allows one's favourite cafes, restaurants, pubs, salons and spas to say thank you for being a regular customer. Revu has been in the loyalty space for almost 2 years now, trying to bring a loyalty solution that works for the restaurants, pubs, salons, hotels and other SMEs next door.

So, why Clubd?

After the time spent developing various solutions, Revu realised that an elaborate program with cards, points and analytics is not what the merchants seek. They just want a simple effective manner to keep customers coming back. Rewards are not the problem. Being fair, putting a process to it and the operational hassles that come with running a program is the real issue. "When viewed from the other side a loyal consumer wants nothing but to be recognised and given a little something extra by the business, something unavailable to others. But when this little something is 1 point for Rs. 100 spent, it makes the entire effort seem like an absolute waste of time," says Ishwar, the founder at Revu.

Clubd hopes to solve the loyalty program in a language that both business' and consumers understand and appreciate - "discounts". "Not the ones given by a group buying site that have faced critique of placing a merchant's brand image at risk, but discounts that are earned by the customer, through regular visits and displayed loyalty," adds Ishwar.

On the technology front, Revu has partnered with Antzcamp; a company that call themselves 'techvestors'. They step in to take care of the biggest challenge a non techie founder can face in developing a tech product. "In a way Antzcamp is our co-founder in Revu & clubd," believes Ishwar. Antzcamp is represented on the board of Revu by Robin Panicker, the MD at Antzcamp.

A space which will be on the rise with more and more smartphone penetration, Revu is in an interesting position and can go either ways. Working with outsourced technology (not exactly in this case) has always proven to be difficult but if Revu can pull it off, the effort would be commendable.

Website: Clubd

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