Are You Next in Line for Becoming a ‘Thiel Fellow’?

Thursday December 06, 2012,

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If you’re anywhere close to the start up field, Peter Thiel needs no introduction. For once, who’ve just started to tread the path, Peter Thiel is one of the most venerated venture capitalists globally. Alongside being the co-founder of PayPal, Peter serves as a board member of Facebook, LinkedIn, SpaceX and Yelp to name a few. ‘20 under 20’ is the Thiel Fellowship that nurtures ideas and visions of youth under the age of 20.Peter along with Jim O’Neil and Michel Gibson founded Thiel fellowship in 2011, carrying a tag line of “Transforming Tomorrow” and “Two Years, $100,000, No Limits!”Applications are open until 11:59 (UTC – 12)on 31st of December each year post which hundreds of applications having answers to various questions which provide an x-ray vision of an applicant, are scrutinized. Also a few other important criterions include minimum age requirement of being 19 years old or under by last date i.e. 31st December of the application year, the person applying is able to apply in English and the application must be submitted by the midnight of 31st December.

Though the eligibility criterion isn’t tough to be fulfilled by the young minds of innovation, the mentors look for an application which is radically going to bring about a change in the future from now. The passion to work over a one’s own revolutionary idea is peeped into. Once shortlisted as a Thiel fellow there is no looking back for you, and there is a network of experienced angels and successful entrepreneurs backing it up, who are enlisted as mentors and advisors in the program.

Once selected, the fellows will have to break out from the education bubble. Though Peter Thiel has a view wherein it is dangerous to question the importance of education and adding upon it, he states that there is no right or wrong time to be an entrepreneur but the time when you find what you are incredibly passionate about and working towards it. Going about it, one should try applying to the program as the experience one gets is unaccountable, and helps you think deeply, enriching your ideas and pursuing your dreams.

Until now 40 youngsters have found their passion which drives their lives towards a better world. They are the recipients of $ 100,000 from Thiel fellowship apart from the exposure to Silicon Valley environment for start ups to build a billion dollar firm in the future and to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. The list of next group of 20 is scheduled to be out by spring 2013, so book a slot as soon as possible by your idea and passion, and be the next in line in becoming a “Thiel Fellow”!

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