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Crunching numbers about Indian Startups; 2012 Reports from the House of YourStory Research

Crunching numbers about Indian Startups; 2012 Reports from the House of YourStory Research

Tuesday December 25, 2012 , 3 min Read

2012 was a monumental year for us. Along with some fabulous events, we also extended into research to come up with some highly accurate and up to date reports about the Indian Startup Ecosystem. YourStory Research has some come up with some very insightful reports, and we now have a new research director, MadanMohan Rao. Here’s the complete list of our reports:

1) The State of the Startup Survey Report

As a part of TechSparks 2012, conducted in-depth research among startups and entrepreneurs across the country to understand the state of the startups. We collected responses from over 400 startups across 6 cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Hyderabad) where TechSparks roundtables were held (finale in Bangalore), and tried to understand how they are doing, what their biggest challenges are and what opportunities are in front of them.

The goal behind report is to understand what Indian tech/product startups are doing, how they perceive the opportunities and challenges in front of them, and what they are investing in. Preview here and download the full report for INR 499.

2) Tech30 2012- The Winners of TechSparks

At TechSparks, we unveiled the Tech30, the best new and emerging tech product startups in the country. We’ve compiled a detailed report on all the Tech30, consisting of a detailed analysis about the company, their business model, their revenue model and how much adoption they have. Preview here and download the full report for INR 200


3) MobiSparks 2012

As a part of MobiSparks 2012, conducted a survey across India with more than 200 mobile startups. In an effort to recognize the next generation of mobile entrepreneurs, we selected the top 15 and launched the MobiSparks 2012 report. This report contains the full details of all the winners of MobiSparks 2012. Preview here and download the full report for INR 200.


4) EduStars Survey 2012

We surveyed over 50 startups in the Education and e-Learning space, to get their take on the various questions in front of educational startups today. How easy are they finding it to gain traction? How are their customers – be it schools or parents or the students themselves – reacting to products in this space, and what are the biggest challenges in gaining the required momentum among customers? How do VCs percieve this sector and what are the biggest challenges of raising money in this area? This report is brought to you in association with Accel Partners.

Know the EduStars here and download the full report here.

5) The VC Perception Survey

While there is a lot of data about investments made by Venture Capital funds in India, wanted to understand the perception of entrepreneurs and startups towards Venture Capital Funds in India. To that end, we conducted primary research, reaching out startups across 10 cities in India, to try and understand the perceptions and biases with which Venture Capital funds are looked at. Download the full report for free here.

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