DIY Server Security Product Provider SecPanel Launches 'Security Score' for Your Server

Saturday December 01, 2012,

1 min Read

Founded by Rudhir Sharan, SecPanel is a security tool for linux cloud server. A Morpheus Gang company, SecPanel has been iterating its product and in the process has announced its new dashboard that'll have a 'security score' for the servers. In geeky terms, Scepanel is a tool that allows one to protect their servers against a multitude of nefarious things-

It protects against brute force attacks, denial of service attacks, slow rate web server attacks, scans for malware/rootkits, alerts you against attacks and user logins, does anomaly heuristic detection, carries out some basis server obfuscation, helps manage your server firewall and gives you a dashboard to manage all of this.

Talking about the feature, Rudhir says, "One thing I like to do, is to see how the security score changes with every configuration change I make on the server." Here is how the dashboard looks like:

More about how Rudhir started up can be read here. SecPanel is also available for a 30 day free trial.

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