Don't Get Stuck While Working, Get Quick Answers with AssistWindow!

Don't Get Stuck While Working, Get Quick Answers with AssistWindow!

Thursday December 20, 2012,

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There have been times when you must have got stuck while working and to get quick answers or solutions to your problems, you must have searched on the web and would have cherished the moment when you got to the answer that worked. It’s like a big relief when you keep getting solutions this quickly, and never get stuck.

On the other hand some times you or people in your company must have got stuck but their problems are so much specific to internal products or processes that they could not have been able to search for the answers online and must have fired their questions to the best people inside the company but things get delayed at this point because these people are mostly busy with work and cannot take questions all the time. This is when AssistWindow comes in picture.

Startup AssistWindow offers a simple platform where people inside the company can ask questions and other people can answer them at their own convenience. A critical point here being addressed is that once answered they don't have to answer them again and again because the knowledge gets saved and can be used any time later just with a simple search, thus, saving a lot of time and improving productivity.

An interesting concept indeed, AssistWindow is sure to improve the productivity of startups and businesses alike, as the attrition rate is considerably high currently and explaining things to each new employee takes up a lot of time that could have been otherwise utilized for something more productive. We got in touch with Abhiraj Malhotra, Founder, AssistWindow, to know more about his entrepreneurial journey and his plans with AssistWindow.

“It's not about becoming an entrepreneur. It’s inside you and you will always feel it. Since my school days I have been doing things that might help people in some or the other way to make things better for them. Since then, I loved to code and design UIs, hence it was easy for me to do so because I did not have to set up teams, hire people but could do it all by myself and gain experience by analyzing how people react, says Abhiraj.

The idea of AssistWindow came to his mind in a similar way after working with teams as a product specialist and a tech lead. “I always tried to improve the work culture in my teams so that people keep enjoying and delivering independently without being dependent on others and for this to happen their had to be a platform to answer their frequent questions as I could not do that all the time as that was not my job and the platform should give enough convenience and a super simple experience so that every one can get started with it without any training in quick time,” he adds.

Abhiraj wanted to bootstrap and startup. A developer and designer himself, he found it easy to build a product. “My wife, after working in Infosys for around 4 years, quit her job and joined me to help me proceed with the idea, which even she found interesting. We both are currently working on this idea and trying to develop a simple and useful knowledge sharing and collaboration tool for small and medium sized companies to organize knowledge that is being shared within companies and get the best out of it,” adds Abhiraj.

AssistWindow is an online service and like all other SaaS products it offers a limited free trial after which one can subscribe. Abhiraj says the plans have been kept economical at 19$ per month keeping in mind the spending limits of small and medium sized businesses.

Talking about his potential competitors, Abhiraj adds that, “As far as open source offerings are concerned, with no support and lot of geeky stuff involved like installing or tweaking code etc, it becomes difficult for non tech companies to go with it. I think simplicity in most cases is what works and a one-clickstart, which is worth the price, is what most businesses want.”

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