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Voter's Choice: Top 10 Early Stage Startups from India

Voter's Choice: Top 10 Early Stage Startups from India

Thursday December 27, 2012 , 4 min Read

Earlier in December, we called in for nominations from all our readers as to who their favourite early stage startup was. We got a good response and close to 250 startup enthusiasts voted from which we have chosen the top 10 that got the maximum number of votes. We noticed an inclination towards tech companies which can be attributed to the dexterity of the founders with social media. Be that as it may, here is the list of the top 10 you chose:

1) Instamojo

Instamojo is a simple payment system that lets you sell your digital creations directly to your customers by just sharing a link. A 500 startups backed company, Instamojo has certainly risen in popularity and managed to collect a fair number of votes.

2) Exotel

Exotel is a Bangalore based startup that offers business phone systems on the cloud to SMEs. They were born with a motive to solve one pain point: how do you manage customers on inbound voice and sms without getting into the hassles of a full fledged call centre, or having to be bound to a given phone? A very young and energetic team running the show, Exotel is almost omnipresent in the startup ecosystem.


3) Wishberg

Wishberg is your Social Wishlist, a wishlist of your desired purchases. It encourages users to share wishes and discover friends who have similar intents. It also allows the user to discover relevant social reviews coming to from people in their social graph to help them make better buying decisions. They've scored a few brownie points with their users for sure.

Wishberg logo

4) HarnessTouch

Harness Handitouch Private Limited (Harness) is an education technology start-up with their product, Touch-on-Cloud. It is a tablet and cloud based learning “operating” system which disrupts the idea of classrooms, ICT and learning management systems. It bridges the physical-digital divide. Co-Founder Subramanian Viswanathan is a popular man with extremely engaging on stage antics which ahve been duly recognized by our readers.

5) WebEngage

Also in our list of Top 25 most read stories in 2012, WebEngage has mastered the art of gaining attention it seems. An in-site customer engagement tool, WebEngage is being used by more than 5000 businesses and with strong investor support, WebEngage has its eyes set much higher.


6) ChargeBee

A Subscription Billing Solution for Online Businesses (SaaS and Retail), ChargeBee has been in news lately which might have led to their gain in popularity. Ably led by a team of 4 techies, ChargeBee will surely be all charged up to climb up higher and chase newer markets.

7) iDubba

iDubba helps you find Indian Television programs of interest and rewards one for watching programs. A user can set intelligent alerts for their favorite genre, sports, celebrities or movies and can even watch original videos of programs. iDubba also has a mobile app. Harnessing the power of television, iDubba has garnered a few 'ayes' online as well.

8 ) Shopo

Shopo is the marketplace for everything with an Indian heart. Founded by Krithika Nelson and Theyagarajan S, Shopo has a huge collection of products that one can buy. Surely a huge hit with the masses.

9) BioSense

BioSense are the makers of TouchHB. TouchHB is a hand-held needle-free battery operated device that enables screening for anaemia and simplifies monitoring of treatment on a regular basis. It democratizes healthcare by empowering health workers with appropriate technology and enables them with actionable data. Screening for anemia and monitoring treatment are vital for the health of both the mother and the child, and with ToucHb, it is now possible to do this effectively, even in low resource settings. Startups like BioSense need all the support they can get to become successful in their endeavour.


10) Diabeto

It is a non-intrusive Bluetooth enabled device that connects to a glucometer and transmits data to your mobile. The Diabeto device can transmit to any diabetes mobile application. The free Diabeto app will also have multiple utilities that can check your blood sugar levels, give history, suggest diet, notify the physician etc. Also a startup Chile company, Diabeto has its fair share of admirers.

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