LurnQ looks to dent the online learning space

LurnQ looks to dent the online learning space

Thursday February 28, 2013,

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A lot has been said about knowledge disseminated through digital media. CourseraKhan AcademyUdacity have all gone on to prove its effectiveness.

The digital media has also lowered the barrier to entry for a teacher. A good video tutorial hosted on YouTube is a great learning resource in itself.

A learning management solution which can aggregate, curate and filter content would bring some structure to the amount of digital learning content available.

Enter LurnQ, which aims to be the GitHub of online learning.

LurnQ aggregates content from all across the web on the basis of a user’s preferences, and presents a Facebook like news feed of relevant content to consume.

Funded by Seedfund., LurnQ was founded by Tarun Mitra,  Ramesh Nidadavolu (IITB) and Devvrat Arya (IITB), which later expanded to include Vikas Verma (IITB), Rajshekhar Ratrey (IITB) and Shobhit Vashistha (IITB) (Founder clarification) 

“There is a demographic shift in knowledge consumption favoring the internet as a preferred medium, and personalization is going to be key ingredient in a successful learning management solution,” says Tarun, who has worked with online learning management solution applications earlier.

The LurnQ platform, in its current form, is a collection of applications, bundled into one SaaS platform. It consists of -

  • A centralized digital repository of content from sources like Coursera, Khan Academy etc.,
  • A learning app, which presents content - video, notes or other multimedia
  • A teaching app, which provides a teacher with tools which they can use to construct a course

It also plans to launch a course app soon. The course app will allow a teacher to put together a collection of content in serial order, along with testing tools which can be distributed on the platform as a course.

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As for the business model, LurnQ aims to keep the consumer version of the app free.

LurnQ is planning an enterprise version soon - a customised learning management solution for a particular course that will be charged. The pricing and revenue models are still being explored.

Tarun believes that a superior user experience and rich features catering for the whole spectrum of the online learning audience will set LurnQ apart from other solutions.

Will LurnQ emerge as a winner in the online education space in coming years? Use it and tell us what you think?

Disclaimer: LurnQ is a WebSparks runner up.

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