Preserve precious moments of your little one and more with Little1

Preserve precious moments of your little one and more with Little1

Wednesday February 27, 2013,

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It will be interesting to know how many parents have seen their baby’s first smile. Or their first steps. Often times, work and other commitments of life take away a significant amount of time, within which precious moments such as these are lost.

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In today’s world, this is a very common story - One parent stays home to take care of the baby, while the other resumes the daily grueling of professional life. Such was the case of Sabarish Nair. A wealth manager, who missed most of his son’s early days because of a tight work schedule. And hence, the birth of Little1 -

“Little1 as a concept was born out of sheer need that I experienced during my early parenting days. I consider my son to be the inspiration for this as during his birth and his first 6 months, due to my professional engagements, I missed witnessing a lot of memorable moments."

Sabarish wanted to use the web to exclusively save & share his son’s memorable moments with my close friends & family members and also at the same time felt the emotional need to have a physical record book out of it - This is how Little1 was conceived.

Little1 is an Online Baby Record Book which provides secured & private sharing being their key features. Apart from this, it also has many tools to help parents -

  • A Milestone Calendar - to record all the 'first' moments,
  • A Medical Diary - to store medical records & search for a pediatrician in your area, and
  • A Parental Journal - A space to write & share blogs and A Gifts & Goodies Store - online shopping of Eco- friendly & Educational aid items
Sabarish Nair and His Son

Little1 launched their first private beta on 14th Nov 2012 (children's day after all) and remained in private beta till 31st Jan 2013. “We got extremely favorable response from the beta users as all of them (150+) were parents of young kids themselves.We have gone live with our public beta version on 31st Jan 2013 and while we are adding a good double-digit number to our membership daily,” said Sabarish.

With a product such as this, privacy is a great concern, and Sabarish and his partner Naresh, have done their due diligence with this regard. In a research survey that they carried out on a sample size of 64 parents, 70%+ parents had photos saved on their desktops, 80%+ did not want to share their child's private moments on social networks. As a result, the Little1 team has focused a lot on providing enough privacy options.

Sabarish concluded by sharing his vision for Little1 - "Like one does preserve all their wedding memories on a digital photo album, we envision every parent preserving their child's first few years in this beautiful baby record book."

Use Little1 to preserve your baby’s precious moments

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