[YS TV] Find out what made Infosys veteran Prasanna Raghvendra and his co-founder to quit their jobs and start up - the Cloudmunch Story

Friday February 08, 2013,

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Infosys is one of the largest software services companies in the country, if not the world. It would be safe to assume that the company and its personnel know a thing or two about the software development process. When two people who lead the SaaS unit in Infosys quit to startup a developer operations tool, it quips one's interest enough to look up and take notice about the product that they have to offer.

From minds that once controlled the SaaS unit at Infosys, comes Cloudmunch, a cloud based platform as a service, which aims to aid development teams accelerate the software development process. The platform serves as a single point of contact and communication for developers, testers and system administrators, in an effective manner, thereby saving time, which would otherwise be wasted on other, less effective means of coordinated communication. The platform also provides many other features that today's software development teams are in dire need of, and speaking about all that and more, in the video, is Prasanna Raghavendra, CTO and co-founder, Cloudmunch -

"A year back, when we were on the drawing board, me and Pradeep (Prabhu), the other co-founder, we had narrowed down our focus areas in two places. One was that our product will be based on cloud technology, because of the advantages that it has and its growing adoption in the market. The second was that we wanted to work in the area of software development process, which, after all these years of working, is in our DNA. A culmination of these two needs, is Cloudmunch."

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