Betting on mobile, Rajasthan based is a recruitment platform for Tier 2/3 cities

Betting on mobile, Rajasthan based is a recruitment platform for Tier 2/3 cities

Tuesday March 19, 2013,

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Post the success of Naukri and Monster, we’ve seen a plethora of startups coming up in the recruitment space. Targeting different problems within recruitment, there are various startups like InterviewStreet which is for coders or a Babajob which works in the informal sector. CVBhejo is one such startup, a Morpehus Gang company that is a recruitment platform for Indian Tier 2/3 cities.Based out of Rajasthan, the company is founded by Nikhilesh Tayal. An engineer who went on to an do MBA, Nikhilesh took the traditional route and worked with Infosys for a couple of years only to realize that he’s not cut out for the corporate life. After quitting Infosys, Nikhilesh spent all his savings of INR 80,000 to take up and acting course, which had always been a passion for him. Moving on, he founded an NGO- Prarambh in Pune and with these experiences, while looking for business opportunities, Nikhil found a problem in his home town, Udaipur.

Nikhilesh Tayal
Nikhilesh Tayal

“After some research, I found problems and gaps in recruitment space in small cities and decided to solve the problem and build a viable business around it,” says Nikhilesh. Recognizing that the target market uses mobile device, CVBhejo has been optimized for mobile. Since its launch in late 2010, has enjoyed good traction- 40k+ job seeker registrations, 800+ recruiters, 4500+ jobs. It currently caters for small cities in Rajasthan, apart from Udaipur, the other cities such as Jaipur, Bhilwara, Alwar, Ajmer, Rajsamand and Chittorgarh.

With CVBhejo, recruiters don't really need a detailed CV; The basic details of a candidate suffices. for instance, a customer support employee from Udaipur with 2 years of experience or 5 years experience is not really different. All the company need is the basic details about the candidate along with the area of work. This is where mobile can be useful. People can register themselves through mobile long codes and get notification on mobile. "We are also introducing IVR and USSD based registration and exploring other ways in mobile to reach people," says Nikhilesh.

CVBhejo works on two models- a subscription model for recruiters (like Naukri) and a prepaid model wherein they guarantee recruitment (others in the space charge a percentage on every successful hire). Of the 800+ recruiters (including IDBI Intech, PVR Cinemas, India Infoline, Idea Cellular, TVS Automobiles, 69 acres, UID Project), CVBhejo claims a 10% conversion rate to its 80 paying customers.

A team of 5, the strength of CVBhejo lies in the fact that they know the local market and the requirements. Mobile is surely the right way to go ahead but scaling up and expanding into other cities is where the real test will lie.

Website: cvbhejo

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