MoveInSync Aims To Resolve Your Employee Transportation Woes

MoveInSync Aims To Resolve Your Employee Transportation Woes

Sunday March 03, 2013,

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MoveInSync, a Bangalore based company has created a SaaS based ERP solution that can help companies organize and efficiently manage their employee transportation system. Called Employee Transportation Solution(ETS), the tool is useful to not just create pick-up and drop routes effectively. But it also eliminates the need to maintain paper logs that requires the driver and the employee using the service to input data manually.

MoveInSync was established four years back and launched ETS in August 2011. The company has since then signed on five Fortune 500 companies as their clients. Deepesh Agarwal, co-founder & CEO, MoveInSync says they are very encouraged by the response they have received to the ETS. “Clients can save upto 20% in the costs they incur to transport employees. Companies can reduce the number of cars they employ and use the present fleet more optimally.”

MoveInSync has developed an Android based system which is deployed in each car using a mobile phone. These mobile phones are placed in docks either in the front of the car or during night times, if the traveler is a woman, then at the back of the car. This mobile phone deployed by the company is used by the car driver to track his duty-route for the day, log in when he starts work, reach the employee’s house with the help of Google Maps and log off when he finishes work for the day. Due to automation involved, the possibility of a driver fudging the travel log-sheets is eliminated. Salary calculations for the driver at the month-end are also automated because data is collected real-time.

From the employee’s side, they are required to key in a password as soon as they enter the car and signoff on the Android device before they get down at their destination. Incase of car-drops at night, if there is a single woman employee travelling in the car, then after entering the passcode once she enters the car, the employee can dock the mobile phone at the back of the car and it can be used to create alerts incase of an emergency. In the back dock, the device automatically turns into an alarm and if the woman employee senses any danger, all she has to do is press a button on the device for 5 seconds and all parties that have been pre-programmed to be alerted during an emergency will get a distress call from the woman employee.

At the backend, MoveInSync collects employee data like name, gender, mobile number, address and office login time for all employees. This data is then sliced and diced to figure out patterns of employee logins. This is also used to map transportation routes which are then generated into a log sheet that is shared with the driver through the Android device placed in the car. The entire infrastructure management is done by MoveInSync at the backend and the company incharge using the solution gets a frontend dashboard where he can track vehicle movements, keep a tab on employee movement and such.

One of IT giants in Bangalore has been using ETS since the last four months and according to the facility head they are already saving Rs 25,000 per month post installation of the solution. The said company currently transports 1,250 of its employees using MoveInSync and they are also happy with the support provided by the team. At this point the company is only using ETS to schedule trips, but very soon, they plan to install the Android device in their cars which can further improve their driver management and automate the log sheet activity to a great extent. The company forecasts a saving between 10-15% in their transportation costs by using MoveInSync.

The MoveInSync Team
The MoveInSync Team

The ETS suite costs Rs 2,50,000 per month and according to Deepesh can give the company savings upto 20% in their transport costs. MoveInSync is targeting Rs 10-crore in revenues this year and looking to cater to 20 clients by the end of the year. According to Deepesh, the employee transportation market in India is worth Rs 5,000 crore annually and today only 5% of it is technology enabled, while the rest is still done manually. After Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Gurgoan, MoveInSync will now foray into Pune market. Apart from employee transportation, MoveInSync also has a courier delivery system which can be used to transport cargo and goods within India. The company is also looking for funding to expand and scale.