Business listing for professional photographers in India–


Who does not want to preserve the memories of a wonderful day? We have the access to the technology today to capture it all and keep it with us forever. But photography is much more than just having a DSLR around your neck. It is not only a skill but an art - a captivation of emotions. There is no dearth of [FirstName] [LastName] photography pages on the web (a few are pretty amazing) but when we want to hire a good photographer, we find ourselves in a fix.

The photography industry is very disorganized in India. Most good photographers have an online presence but there is no way to search for one near you and hire him/her for an assignment. We need great pictures and photographers need assignments. 3 young entrepreneurs are trying to join these bridges by launching - India’s business listings for professional photographers.

Piconect promises to provide a platform for photographers to get listed, display their portfolios and increase their visibility to potential clients. Clients can post new assignments on the job board and can contact photographers for their services. “In simple words, the idea is to build a LinkedIn plus for photographers and to help people search and hire a photographer at a close by location” says Kaamil Nakhasi, one of the three co-founders heading the marketing of Piconect was launched on 21st April 2013, at an event for Indian photographers – Photorgy in New Delhi. Close to 100 users have signed up in the pre beta stage and which was just a signup with information about the concept, and no features at all. The registrations also included a few famous photographers like Ashok Verma and Ramit Batra.

The idea budded when two hostel roommates, Amritesh Singh and Kaamil Nakhasi were trying to find productive ways to use the spare time at hand while pursuing MBA marketing at IMT Ghaziabad. After rejecting a lot of ideas, they finally found the one they wanted to develop and pitched it to a friend Nidhi Jha, a Delhi University alumnus. They researched the market, took the traditional survey path and found a great potential in their business idea.

“We worked for about 16 – 18 hours a day and came out with our pre beta prototype in just 45 days. We had about 100 users in pre beta. We wanted to be the first in niche space inside digital and professional photography, and have the tagline - India's 'first' business listings for professional photographers“ says Kaamil Nakhasi. The team of 3 first wants to create awareness among users of photography services like advertising agencies, to be married couples, senior photographers, potential recruiters etc.

Some more features in their first beta are:

  • Feature to update equipment, rewards and past clients information
  • Option to get rated and reviewed
  • Post jobs for models and assistant photographers
  • Photography events information

More on their website.