Hifives launches revamped cloud based solution to maximize impact of employee rewards programs


HiFives, a Bangalore based startup that was founded in 2010 is cloud-based reward and recognition solutions firm with global delivery footprint. Today, the firm announced an update to their collaborative cloud based service model that will help global corporations transform their employee rewards programs. It now incorporates completely configurable functionalities and supports industry best practices, catering to the spectrum of rewards & recognition in organizations.

Founded by IIT-IIM alumni Sagar Chaudhuri along with Director and investor Jagdish Velagapudi, HiFives helps organizations maximize the ROI of such programs through a scalable, end-to-end solution that enhances employee choice, convenience and experience on one side and reduces the operational issues for the organization on the other.

When we earlier wrote about Hifives, the focus was on gifting and now the they have moved to look at the problem more holistically and provide end to send solutions. Explaining the solution, Sagar says,

The HiFives program empowers line managers to reward employees on the fly, enables employees to decide on reward items based on their personal preferences; which are then delivered to recipients anywhere across the globe thereby ensuring complete freedom of choice and convenience. HiFives also enables internal social recognition thereby multiplying the impact of such rewards programs.

HiFIves is currently being used by 8 corporates and plans to intensify efforts with a revamped offering.

Website: Hifives


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