Submit Your App, Win Windows Phones and a lot more!

Submit Your App, Win Windows Phones and a lot more!

Monday August 05, 2013,

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As of today, there are 4 completely new mobile OSs that will be launched this year. With so many choices in the market, what will consumers buy? Which platforms will developers build apps for? We carried out a survey at YourStory to see what developers think about the new mobile OSs that are to come out in the coming quarters and results were heavily inclined towards Windows Phone 8.


Nokia has been the flag bearer for the Windows' most recent manifestation on mobile. The Lumia range of products has not only occupied market share, but has also garnered developer interest and trust over the past two years. With the smartphone ecosystem in India booming in general, the opportunity for mobile app developers and entrepreneurs is bigger than it has ever been. India is among the Top 5 ranking economies across various app stores, and no.1 on the Nokia ecosystem. This is testament to the fact that the Indian developers and entrepreneurs are constantly innovating and building meaningful apps for users globally.

To further strengthen the Indian app ecosystem, Nokia in collaboration with YourStory, is betting big on the Indian app developer story. If you are developer or an entrepreneur with an app idea or an existing Windows Phone app, we wait to hear from you. We along with Nokia will work with the winning app teams to make your apps discoverable by providing premium spotlights on Windows Store, design consultancy sessions, media visibility and mentoring session. Of course, not to miss out on exciting Lumia devices that you could win!

Why should you participate? *

1. Win exciting Lumia devices (Lumia 920, 820 and 620!)

2. Free UI/UX consultation with experts appointed by Nokia

3. Increase your apps discoverability by getting featured on Store. This will help you reach more number of consumers in a short span of time

4. Get featured on various digital channels from Nokia which will help you reach millions of users in a short span of time

5. Get your app featured on YourStory Media network sites

What are you waiting for ? Apply today and let your dream app be rewarded for what it’s worth!

The winning apps will be selected every month on the basis of innovation, creativity, design compliance, and potential for scale.

Duration of the campaign

5th August 2013 – 31st December 2013


All apps enrolled for the contest should be published in the windows phone store from July15 , 2013 Onwards.  




We are excited to hear from you and work with you on building the Indian app story.

Terms & Conditions :

Prizes Eligibility per monthCriteria

1 Lumia 920

1 Lumia 820

3 Lumia 620

  • Offers significant value to many users

  • Has many desirable and relevant platform features

  • Is unique and differentiated

  • Has “wow” factor

  • Free design consultancy

  • 5 spotlights on Store per month

  • 5 slots for promotion on all digital channels from Nokia

  • Free app lab consultancy

  • Offers good value to many users

  • Has some desirable and relevant platform features

  • Has potential to become popular

  • 5 featured slots on Store per month


Q. If this contest open for app ideas as well?

No, this contest is open only for apps which have been developed, certified and published on the Windows Phone App Store from  July 15 , 2013 Onwards.

Q. I am new to Windows Phone app development, is there a quick guide to go through?

Yes, here – Getting started with Windows Phone apps

Q. What are the tools required to develop Windows Phone apps and where do I get them?

All the required development tools are available here for free download – Developer downloads for programming Windows Phone apps

Q. How do I enroll my apps in this contest after its published on the Windows Phone store?

Once your app is certified and published on the Windows store, Click here and enroll your app for the contest .

Q. How many apps can one person enroll in this contest?

A person can enroll only one app entry for the contest.

For any further queries on this program, write to [email protected]

Note : The final judgement and Winners will be decided by Jury of Experts.

Disclaimer: Company Name and Windows Phone app link of participants may be shared with Nokia. Please read the Windows Store Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more details.

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