Three things that I remember from 1st ELEO conference

Three things that I remember from 1st ELEO conference

Wednesday August 07, 2013,

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ELEO is a leadership conference that was held on August 5thfor aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. The main goal of ELEO is to host annual conferences that feature leadership advice from founders, investors, CEOs, and innovators. ELEO conference is targeting the intersection of entrepreneurship and leadership.


These are the three pieces of insight that stand out from an interesting first event at the South Bay Church:

  1. It is very easy to hire great people and build great companies if you are targeting a big market and solving a hard problem. It is very tough to hire great people if you are targeting a smaller market and solving an easy problem.
  2. Look for opportunities to create compelling apps in markets that do not naturally appeal to designers and developers. For instance, many sports apps are not very high quality, at least in part because coders are not typically sports fans themselves. That’s the reason I chose to make a Fantasy Sports app that became #1 in the app store. – Jerry Shen, Founder and CEO of Bignoggins Production.
  3. Many family-run businesses end up making their key decisions on Sunday morning around the breakfast table and not on Monday morning in the boardroom. As a result, they can close themselves off from the input of talented colleagues – a concern for some venture capitalists.

The conference featured successful entrepreneurs and prominent VCs including Chi-huaChien, General Partner at KPCB, who shared leadership lessons from their experience.

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