Entrepreneur's Lament (Part 2)

7th Sep 2013
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Welcome back my friends and those who wish me well,

Those who read part 1 of my lament & thought it was hell.

It only gets worse; of raising funds - my painful journey,

My startup against these investors – what a tourney!


Running after VCs, my patience taking a beating,

I finally got it, that hugely elusive meeting.

I borrowed a friend’s suit and a tie to match,

Dressed up smartly, their attention to catch.


I entered their office and had to wait an hour,

Before they called me in, those men of power.

“G..goo..ood morning Sirs!” – I stammered my greeting,

My nerves killing me, my heart wildly beating.


“Give us your pitch, like you’re in an elevator” – they said,

“It’s a conference room, you fools” – voices laughed in my head!

Exchanging smiles at my obvious discomfort and expression dumb,

One spoke - “Make it quick, just don’t stand there numb.”


I told them about my product and the millions it’d earn,

Make us all rich, generating an incredible return.

For my product is so cool, the limit’s the sky,

Something that just everyone, would want to buy.


“How many paid customers, and what’s your traction?”

“How’s it different from XYZ; what’s the attraction?”

If I had customers paying me, why would I go to them?

And even children know; XYZ solves a different problem.


“Your market size is completely wrong” – quipped this MBA yuppie,

Looking at his boss for approval, like an excited little puppy.

“Damn”, I wondered - “How do fools like this make so much money?”

But I continued to explain patiently, my voice sweet as honey.


“Hmmm... Interesting...” – said this guy though he looked completely bored,

“We’ll think about it, but we’re not completely floored.”

“Maybe your product has some limited potential,”

“Give us some time, thinking this out is very essential.”


Now I know these guys are slow; thinking takes them time,

But not responding for months is still a crime...

I’ve followed up like crazy and sent them so many mails,

It’s totally shameful how no decency prevails.


But I’m an entrepreneur and have a startup you know,

And even though I’m now broke and out of dough,

I will persevere and my dreams I will defend.

If you know any investors, tell me please, my friend...

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