Three words for entrepreneurs - Dr Sunit Tyagi, CEO, InSolare Energy

Three words for entrepreneurs - Dr Sunit Tyagi, CEO, InSolare Energy

Sunday October 20, 2013,

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Sunit Tyagi
  • Vision, perseverance, and team – these are the three most important words for new entrepreneurs, says Dr Sunit Tyagi, CEO, InSolare Energy.Vision – You should know what you want to do, of impact. It is more than just to make more money; it is about trying to make some change in some technology, some entrepreneurial activity.
  • Perseverance – Nothing comes easy. You may have your vision, short-term or long-term, but you should work hard for that.
  • Team – Build the right team. If you don’t have the team, you can’t do it. One person can do only so much; you need to have a whole bunch of people.


“We are a young dynamic company, creating solutions for a better planet for our children,” announces the company’s site. InSolare is a system integrator and solar energy EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) provider.


A Ph.D. from RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) in compound semiconductor growth and solar cell designed for space applications, Sunit holds 15 patents in the field of semiconductor devices and process technologies, and has nearly 25 years of experience in semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, and in oil exploration. “Prior to starting InSolare, Dr Tyagi was the Director of Technology, Intel India Technologies P Ltd, where he led the development of first microprocessor designed in India. Before moving to India he led the development of VLSI process technology and transistors for Intel’s from 0.5um to 65nm high CMOS technology.”

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