Missed call for customer identity verification - Dial2Verify

Missed call for customer identity verification - Dial2Verify

Monday November 18, 2013,

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Dial2Verify is a missed call telephony platform which provides an easy to use and extremely flexible API for implementing missed call driven use cases. Given the potential of SMBs in India, missed call facilitates communication with their customers and providing them with a quick and economical way to provide a feedback.

It is a Bangalore-based venture started by 3 entrepreneurs Rohan Am, Rahul Am and Manish Kukreja. Rahul shares that the idea of Dial2Verify evolved accidentally as he started working on an idea of bringing a social carpooling solution for Bangaloreans. Being aware that none would actually go for carpooling with strangers, they started finding options to validate user identity. SMS based One Time Passwords (OTP), was an obvious solution in mind, but they wanted to make it more economical. There came an idea of missed call based authentication which evolved in to prototype for their service. Slowly Dial2Verify took shape to make this service open to other startups.

  1. Missed call service is quickly catching up in Indian market as this makes it one of the most cost-effective services to provide quick feedback. Ventures like ZipDial have also proven the potential of missed call service. Rahul shares that Dial2verify has some distinguishing set of features, which others do not offer in their services, like:The Cost: they charge only for what our users use. So when a company thinks about migrating from SMS implementations to Missed Call services, as there can be cost saving (as much as 85-90%) as a result of migration.
  2. The Flexibility: Dial2verify API provides un-restricted access to its core functionality. Businesses can use same Dial2verify for country specific customer verification where they are provided access to country specific verification numbers, at no additional cost. Businesses can also dynamically set notification settings per missed call (at run time).
  3. Faster go live: it has ready-made plugin programs for quick integration of missed call service into any website by cutting down entire development efforts.
  4. Value Addition: ‘telco Push’ feature, which provides additional insights about users on receiving a missed call (Information such as DND Status, User’s city, Provider etc.). This information can be used for optimizing campaigns. And all these features are offered as a complimentary service to all users.
  5. White Label Solutions: all these are complete white label solution to users as there is no link back / brand logos while delivering services.


Some of the commonly used implementations are:

1. Missed call for customer identity verification where SMBs can use these APIs & ready-made plugins for implementing missed call based alternative to OTP & captcha. This is particularly beneficial for ecommerce businesses in implementing CashOnDelivery (COD) order verifications.

2. Missed Call for Customer Feedback and Lead Generation where SMBs can use Dial2Verify framework for quickly receiving a user feedback via missed call polls / campaigns.

Rahul shares that they launched Dial2verify with a focus to bring an economical alternative to Customer identity verification methods (captcha / OTP) but recently after revising and enhancing the flexibility of the API; their single API serves multiple problem areas.

The API service is currently available for India, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and expected to be launching in 20+ countries across the globe soon.

You can check out more information about Dial2Verify here.

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