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Presenting MobileSparks 2013 startups

Presenting MobileSparks 2013 startups

Sunday December 15, 2013 , 4 min Read

MobileSparks is the talk of the day in India. It is India’s first Mobile Innovation Discovery Platform and we had 11 innovative mobile startups demo their offerings on 14 December 2013.

MobileSparks 2013

Here’s is the list of all the startups which demoed at the event:

Avaz App

Avaz is a picture-based communication app, specially developed for children with autism.

It is a full-featured AAC app, developed for children who are non-verbal or who have difficulty speaking. Avaz has been designed with the vision of making every voice heard! Avaz’s built in vocabulary has 5000+ words, and takes only seconds to personalize with new words.


CultureAlley is redefining language learning with intuitive audio-visual lessons and interactive practice games. It is the hub for learning languages and culture. Using free self study lessons, adaptive learning techniques and live video for a one-on-one live student-teacher interface, it lets you learn in the comfort of your home. They offer lessons in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, French, Korean etc.


Haptik is a smartphone application that allows users to chat with companies and their experts over messaging. The user can download the app, pick a company from the preloaded list, and send a message. Company representatives or Haptik agents will receive the message, and send a response. The other key area Haptik addresses is search. Many users spend a disproportionate amount of time on searching for information on the web about services provided by companies. And this process is especially painful on the mobile. Via Haptik, users can get this information as well.


MadStreetDen aims to make machines more useful by making them a bit more human: fun, intelligent and relevant. This AI (artificial intelligence) startup delivers intelligence as a cloud-based stack for customers to incorporate in their applications, rather than their having to develop the algorithms they need. There are very few consumer applications that use AI, and Mad Street Den aims to make intelligence available to the world.


Mosambee is Mumbai-based mobile point-of-sale solution that enables you to accept payments anywhere. Alok Arora is the CEO of the company and they provide payment services that are safe and easy for everyone. The EMV swiper device comes with EMV Level 1, Level 2 PTS and SRED certifications, and enables chip and pin swipe at merchant end. It is currently being integrated at various banks and rollout will start soon in Mumbai region.

Nautilus Mobile

Nautilus Mobile is a mobile gaming studio based in Hyderabad. Spearheaded by Nicolas Beuvin, Nautilus Mobile is an independent mobile gaming studio founded in early 2013. The company‘s goal is to deliver top quality games built by avid gamers. Nautilus Mobile will be delivering games on all top mobile platforms - iOS, Blackberry 10, Android & Windows.


NextDrop revolutionizes the way people interact with governments and public services. NextDrop is a social enterprise which provides accurate and reliable information about water delivery in regions with intermittent supply. It improves access to water for residents in urban India by providing residents access to timely and reliable information about piped water supply, and establishing a feedback loop to inform better water management for the water utility.


Scandid is a barcode scanning based price comparison app for India. With Scandid, one just needs to scan the barcode present on the product box or search by product name and instantly see the prices and coupons from all online stores. Scandid searches millions of products across hundreds of online stores in India to help you get the best deal.


Teewe is a device which aims to disrupt the home entertainment industry. It enables consumers to watch digital content like movies,TV shows and live streams on their TV. They are focussed on building a connected experience so one can enjoy hassle free TV experience from anywhere in the living room.


Trip38 wants to change the way travelers find information during travel, after their booking is completed. Trip38 is a smart location-aware mobile app which automatically creates local guide on your smartphone based on your flight ticket or hotel confirmation email. It organizes your complete travel itinerary including flight e-ticket, hotel upgrade offers, things to do, restaurant options, local events, weather, embassy/consulate info, helpline/ public utility info, directions and many more local content.


Y-Cash aims to provide leading edge & maverick solutions and services using mobile technology. They are predominantly focused on the mobile payments space, as a RBI authorized mobile pre-paid wallet issuer. Y-Cash has introduced a QR code based mobile POS devices. Their services are aimed at providing convenience and easy fulfillment of a consumer's payment needs without compromising the underlying security of the transactions.

Thanks to Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm Ventures and Windows Azure for partnering with us on MobileSparks 2013.