Avaz app helps special kids with articulation

Avaz app helps special kids with articulation

Saturday February 15, 2014,

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The Avaz app was one of 11 products featured at MobileSparks 2013.

It has been built to help kids with autism, cerebral palsy or communication disorders in general. Through the selection of pictures representing certain words or phrases, the user is able to articulate his need or emotion, using a mobile device. Once a sentence is formed using the different pictures, the app then speaks it out loud, helping the user communicate as well as learn from the process. It also allows you to track the child’s progress.

The app also has an integrated keyboard which allows the child to alternate between selecting pictures and typing text.

Used by both parents and therapists dealing in this space, the app seems to have gained popularity in the US as well as European countries like Denmark and Italy. In India, it is available in multiple regional languages as well. Checkout how the young Avaz team is making a difference.