What are people talking about on social media after the WhatsApp acquisition?


Social media has given a voice to millions and every significant conversation bubbles right up on the social media channels. In the last two days, the humongous $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook has been the centre of all conversations. Simplify360 is a social media analytics company that was in the news recently for acquisition offers from the likes of WPP and Adobe. Taking advantage of the frenetic opinion venting on social media, Simplify360 has come up with a rather interesting analysis of what people are talking on social media about the acquisition.

All the tweets till 3PM of February 21st, 2014 have been analysed and here are the key pointers:

  • Close to 8,00,000 mentions
  • The biggest group of people talking about the acquisition lie in the 40+ age group
  • 68.6% of the mentions were by males (a lot also depends on the male:female user ratio)
  • 17% people say that it was an expensive deal, 21% it was worth buying

The news has made the internet flare up with opinions- FB's announcement, Sequoia's post, and since then there has been end to it (read our take on the deal and the psychology behind it). Such events have also given many technology companies an advantage in terms of content marketing (just like for Simplify360 in this case). Huge chunks of data give people a chance to analyze from different perspectives and present it to the readers.

Some recent examples of this phenomenon and it is only bound to increase:

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