Why you can’t miss being a part of TECH30 2014

Why you can’t miss being a part of TECH30 2014

Wednesday June 18, 2014,

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We can give you innumerable reasons why you can’t miss out being a part of India’s next Tech30, but don't just take our word for it. See what some of our previous TECH30 alumni have to say about it.

We want you there!!

Narayan Babu, Co-founder, Dexetra

TechSparks was the first time when we actually came out from stealth and talked about our product. We were extremely anxious and keen and it actually helped us catapult as a known product company from India. TechSparks was of great help for us. We could create a relationship with many VCs from TechSparks, including Sequoia and Qualcomm who eventually became our investors.



Mukund Mudras, Co-Founder, Heckyl Technologies

We at Heckyl always dreamt of getting on a podium where we could stand and speak about our company and our product and YourStory is the podium where we could live it in India. Our experience at the event has been excellent, in terms of the network connect, the other products and technologies that we saw and the interactions we had with the entrepreneurs and the VC’s.

Arvind Pani, Founder, Reverie Language Technologies

Outstanding work and brilliant representation of TECH30. YourStory and TechSparks has been a big enabler for me.

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Also hear VSS Mani, Founder, JustDial, sharing his experience of TechSparks 2011

TECH30 Selection Criteria:

  • Extent of Product Innovation (Defensibility & Utilization of Technology)
  • Market Potential (Target Audience, Competition, Potential to Scale, Regulatory Environment & Path to Profit)
  • Team Strength (Founder Backgrounds, Core Team Strengths, Team Composition)
  • Revenue Model (Value Generated, Sustainability, Long-tail Profit / Margins / Gains)
  • Stage in Lifecycle of Product / Company (Customer Traction, Product Version, Development Timeline (versions, variants, newer products), Plans for Expansion)

Thanks to our sponsors Sequoia Capital, AWS and Verisign for their continued support with TechSparks 2014.