GoGappa, a unique and personal gifting experience and more!

By Harshith Mallya|3rd Sep 2014
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Even with the advent of e-commerce, searching for the most ideal gift for a loved one or a business prospect is not an easy task. Plenty of generic products are available easily, but to create a lasting impression with a unique and memorable gift, one needs to go the extra mile. GoGappa aims to address this pain point.

They are relatively new kids on the block but they’re serious about what they do.

When you first visit GoGappa.com, you’re likely to notice that their products aren’t the run of the mill products you see everywhere.

Starting up and Pivoting


GoGappa began as an online gifting store primarily servicing the corporate sector. They showcased an impressive range of corporate gifts that were not just different, but also classy and elegant enough to warrant them a premium status.

Their clients, which included big-wigs from all commercial sectors such as Autodesk, Citrix, Bloomberg, NBC Universal and Somany Ceramics, were so impressed by their corporate gifts that GoGappa was requested time and again to expand their operations by allowing their clients to purchase their gifts for personal gifting needs. Thus GoGappa moved from being just an online gifting store to include much more .



GoGappa was founded by Monica and Ashutosh Agrawal in 2011. Ashutosh, an IIT Madras alumni worked with Duetsche Bank on Wall Street for seven years, before starting this venture.Monica, a computer science grad from University of San Francisco, worked with a couple of successful startups in the Bay Area before she joined Ashutosh.




The X Factor

GoGappa wants to offer only those products which command attention and stand out in the crowd of other, mainstream products. They believe that the online stores in India today are more focused on the ‘sales’ part of the product, while they want to take the path less traveled, and pay attention to meeting the need of the customer who wants something unique. All their products are curated and checked for quality, and every single one has the feel of elegance. 

GoGappa also attends to yet another unmet need of the shopping industry – elegance in personalization. Personalization need not be over-the-top and gaudy, but a delicate hint of individual identity infused into the product without taking away from the natural elegance of the product. This is something GoGappa understands well.

Attention to Detail


The website has a beautiful layout and amazing UI and UX and plenty of unique offerings.

The website includes three main sections.

The store includes categories such as Home & Décor, Fine Food, Travel, Bags and Cases etc.

The Gift Shop includes gifts categorized by various occasions such as wedding, personalized gift hampers and also a category titled ‘Last Minute’ which is sure to be a hit among absent minded husbands and boyfriends.

The Corporate store includes categories such as Diwali, New Year and other Corporate gifts. Companies can also place a catalogue request for any specific or personalized requests.

Vision and Long Term Goals

GoGappa has a unique vision for the long run – they want to delve into white-glove service, where personal care is taken for every customer with special GoGappa staff, known as Gappas, personally delivering the products, thus replacing the need for impersonal courier services.They are currently bootstrapped.


With such attention to detail and the “every little gesture counts” philosophy that they are targeting, GoGappa is a unique online store that aims to take business and customer relations to a new level.

So if your boss’s birthday is coming up and you want to score a few brownie points with a unique and personalized gift, try out their website here and do let us know about your experience.