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Want to work for a startup? Here are 80+ Indian startups to work for in 2015

Want to work for a startup? Here are 80+ Indian startups to work for in 2015

Wednesday December 31, 2014 , 20 min Read

2014 saw the much awaited funding rush in the Indian startup ecosystem, an industry which otherwise has been driven by only passion. Startups grew exponentially and so did the aspirational value of working in a startup. Freshers from top engineering and management institutes considered working in a startup at par (or even better) with that of MNCs of the world. Senior management was also opening up to experiment to the roller-coaster ride of startups and many of them decided to steer the ships for them.

Startups to work for

In all, one can confidently say that the Indian startups have moved from being 'just a cool place to work for' to 'an aspirational place to make dreams come true, for yourself and for others. We, at YourStory, have always believed in the power of dreams and encouraged the young professionals to be a part of startups through our sincere efforts in the form of series like Awesome Startup Employee or the Fabulous Startup Workplaces.

Here's another humble attempt to showcase India's top startup destinations which promises a great deal of work, values and learnings to the professionals and freshers out there.

These companies have been selected based on the following parameters:

1. Founded in 2010 or later

2. Minimum revenue and/or funding of INR 3 Cr

3. Minimum team size of 20

Helpshift Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founding year – 2010

Location – Pune

Sector – CRM Product

Revenue Slab – 3-10 cr

Investor - Nexus Ventures

Why you should work here - They are building an on-demand product and scaling it quickly which can take the SaaS mobile industry by storm. And if you become the new joinee in the existent pool of talented people at HelpShift, you get a Macbook Pro, all day food and a good amount of amusement in office like Foosball, XBox 360 and PS3.

Founding Year – 2010

Location – Gurgaon

Sector- Customer Internet

Revenue Slab- 3-10 cr

Investor- India Quoitent

Why you should work here – Being VC funded, and having achieved break-even, this high growth company offers a stable opportunity. Core team members share in the upside through ESOPs. Clearly, there's an opportunity to take part in building a large consumer internet company.

Aryaka Networks

Founding Year – 2010

Location – Milpitas, California

Sector- Networking, Enterprise Services

Revenue Slab - >20 crores

Investor- Interwest Partners, Trinity Ventures, Mohr Davidow, Nexus Venture Partners, Presidio Ventures

Why should you work here - It's a product company seeing a huge traction in the market with disruptive technology, sales and partnership models. Working environment is challenging with tremendous exposure and learning opportunity.


Founding Year – 2013

Location – Bangalore

Sector- Personal Transportation

Revenue Slab - >20 crores

Investor - 20 crores

Why should you work here - Besides everything, a lot of focus is on personal growth of the employees.


Founding Year – 2012

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Ecommerce

Revenue Slab – 3 to 10 cr

Investor – Accel Partners

Why should you work here - You can be a part of the team that is changing the 150 year old tea industry.


Founding Year – 2010

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Travel Technology

Revenue – 3 to 10 cr

Investor- CIIE, Hyderabad Angels

Why should you work here- Passion(for their work) is in the DNA of Thrillophilia team. Along with whatever they do, team members also live travel, breathe travel, and even dream about it sometimes. They are trying to change the way the local experiences and activities are booked in India till date. Here is a quick overview of what it is like working at Thrillophilia! -

Founding Year – 2012

Location – Mumbai

Sector – MarketPlace / Ecommerce

Investor - Yuri Milner, Softbank, Nexus VP, Helion VP, Qualcomm Ventures

Why should you work here- You will get to do work that makes you feel proud!


Founding Year - 2012

Location– Gurgaon

Sector- Online Lifestyle Discovery & Commerce

Revenue - >20 cr

Investor - Matrix Partners, Lightspeed Ventures & Tiger Global

Why should you work here - Limeroad consists of some revolutionary thinkers and execution team in the lifestyle discovery content & commerce space. In last 12 months, they have grown 1900%, and are always looking out for smart people. Additionally, they claim to have best-in-class venture syndicate backing their business.


Founding Year- 2012

Location – Mumbai

Sector – Retail Technology

Revenue - <3 cr

Investor - Kae Capital, Powai Lake Ventures

Why should you work here - They are a bunch of fighter, jugaadu, enthusiastic (and cracked up) people with an aim to change the world using technology.

Founding Year – 2012

Location – Gurgaon

Sector – Retail Technology

Revenue - >20 cr

Investor – Rocket Internet

Why should you work here - The company promises candidates with the right set of skills for the right kind of job, a handsome pay package, a work-life balance and a positive environment to work in.


Founding Year – 2011

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Cloud Telephony

Revenue – 3-10 cr

Investor - Blume Ventures,Mumbai Angels

Why should you work here - A great team with a wonderful product promises career growth, flexible hours and office parties. (read more)

Foradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Founding Year – 2010

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Education

Revenue – 3-10 cr

Investor - William Bissel, MD Fab India

Why should you work here - Join them to change the Education map. They also claim to have almost 0% attrition.


Founding Year – 2012

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Productivity

Revenue- 3-10 cr

Investor - Qualcomm Ventures, Amit Gupta, Sabeer Bhatia

Why should you work here - The company offers a decent pay, collegial meritocratic environment, challenging yet fun work, opportunity to impact millions of users globally.

Are you interested in working for one of these startups? Let us know here

Founding Year – 2013

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Real Estate

Revenue - <3 cr

Investors - Kalaari Capital, India Quotient

Why should you work here - GrabHouse gives their employees: a) Ownership - Be it any position or department, every person in the team sits in the driver seat from day 1; b) Culture - Open and people friendly culture where work is not counted by hours but by impact; c) Impact - Everyday people get to work on ideas that changes the way Grabhouse works and real estate industry in India operates; and d) Peers - Every person teaches something to another.

The pie-chart depicting the team size of startups in India


Founding Year – 2013

Location – Gurgaon

Sector-  Hyper-local activities

Revenue - <3 cr

Investors - Sequoia Capital

Why should you work here - According to them, you shouldn't. As a job - the hours are long, the work is tough, the pay is low and the future is unclear. If it's still fascinating, go join the mission.

Hike Limited

Founding Year – 2012

Location – Gurgaon, Haryana

Sector – Mobile Internet

Investor - Tiger Global & Bharti SoftBank

Why should you work here - If you’re passionate about making an impact on millions of lives, Hike might excite you. Apart from the challenging work environment, they also give to our employees a lot of perks -


Founding Year – 2010

Location – Mumbai

Sector – Social Media/Mobile

Revenue – 3 to 10 cr

Why should you work here - They believe happy people build great products and they do everything possible to keep the team in a good state of mind. You can read about our culture here

Ad Pushup

Founding Year – 2013

Location – New Delhi

Sector – SaaS Ad Tech

Revenue - <3 cr

Investor - 50 angels

Why should you work here - The company prefers to leave it to the jobseekers and expects them to take a call after going through this:

Founding Year – 2012

Location – Mumbai

Sector – Ecommerce

Revenue - <3 Cr

Investor - 500 Startups, Karamveer Singh & Others

Why should you work here - The company says, "Anyone interested in solving some real problems should consider PriceBaba."

Founding Year – 2010

Location – Mumbai

Sector – SaaS

Revenue – 3 to 10 cr

Investor - Rajan Anandan (IAN), GTI Capital, Blume Ventures


MadRat Games

Founding Year – 2010

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Board Games

Revenue – 3-10 cr

Investor - Blume Ventures, Angels

Why should you work here - People in MadRat are generally hyper. They’re very curious and almost restless to a point. At the same time they’re very focused on what they do. Making world class games and products is on everybody’s mind. So if you have a spring in your step and appetite for challenge, then press the Play button!


Founding Year- 2013

Location – San Francisco

Sector – Big Data

Why should you work here - The company maintains an open source tech work culture with flat organizational structure and flexible work timings.

Founding Year- 2013

Location – Navi Mumbai

Sector – E-Learning

Revenue - <3 cr

Why should you work here - The company says that the atmosphere (no dress-code) and the impact you create while working here should be encouraging enough to join the team.


Founding Year – 2010

Location – Mumbai

Sector – Healthcare

Revenue - >20cr

Investor - Seedfund, Asian Healthcare Fund

Why should you work here - MyDentist team embrace diversity to create a place where everyone can be themselves. They treat each other with respect and dignity.


Founding Year – 2011

Location – New Delhi

Sector – Customer Services

Revenue - <3cr

Investor - Sequoia Capital

Why should you work here - They are building the go-to platform for customer service. If you've ever faced a product / service issue, you'll know the pain and willing to work with them to ease that out.


Founding Year – 2012

Location – Gurgaon

Sector - Metals, Chemicals, Plastics, Paints, Polymers

Revenue - >20cr

Investor - Inventus Capital, Kalaari Capital, Accel Partners

Why should you work here - What makes an organization successful, are two key factors: People working in the company and its culture. The team at Power2SME are amongst the best in the business and make it a point to value each and every employee and aim at honing their skills. They’re sure that anyone joining our company, will help them in carve out a niche for them and gradually becoming the best in the business. They strongly believe in ‘Happy People makes a happy organization’.


Founding Year – 2010

Location – Bangalore

Sector – E-learning

Revenue - >20cr

Investor - Helion Ventures and Kalaari Capital

Why should you work here - They have grown in leaps and bounds in last four years. The company is continuously growing and that ensures growth for the employees too. Associating with the company will definitely provide a learning curve as well a chance to grow. If you are a performer and have the zeal to learn and explore new avenues, they are the right choice as an employer.

Are you interested in working for one of these startups? Let us know here


Founding Year – 2012

Location – Delhi

Sector – Ecommerce

Investors – Nexus Ventures

Why should you work here - It's a product company with an exceptional growth record, equally huge growth potential and the average age below 25 yrs making it suitable for young professionals.

Founding Year – 2012

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Payments

Investors - Kalaari Capital, Blume Ventures, 500Startups, Rajan Anandan & more

Why should you work here - They want to democratize payments -- if the vision excites you, go join them in their mission.


Founding Year – 2012

Location – Gurgaon

Sector – Content Monitization

Revenue – 3-10 cr

Investors - ValueFirst Digital Media

Why should you work here - BuyT is all about performance and ROI driven marketing. Leaving behind successful careers in technology, corporate strategy and finance, they are motivated by the challenge to revolutionize advertising in today's platform-focused, hyper-connected and mobile-first world. Young, eclectic, vibrant - if you can identify with these, BuyT is the place for you!

Founding Year – 2013

Location – Mumbai

Sector – Edutech

Revenue - <3cr

Investor - SAIF Partners, Helion Ventures

Why should you work here - Solid team that loves customer, technology and design equally.


Founding Year – 2012

Location – New Delhi

Sector – Ecommerce

Investor - Nirvana Venture Advisors, 500 Startups, Beenos

Why should you work here - The Delhi-based startup work, play and party together. They believe in passion driven work more than anything else. At Kartrocket, you are your own boss. They also claim to pay good salaries(10-15% higher than the industry standard). The company says, "In short, We are the company you will miss on Sundays."

Founding Year – 2011

Location – Gurgaon, Haryana

Sector – Ecommerce

Revenue - >20 cr

Investor - Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, Omidiyar Network, Kae Capital

Why should you work here - HealthKart's goal is the create the trusted consumer brand which makes any quality health product available in the globe to consumer's doorstep. People passionate about healthcare and technology should consider joining the 350+ motivated team in company's growth journey. The association will offer rapid development platform, where you would be challenged to get the best amongst you.

Founding Year – 2012

Location – Mumbai

Sector – Ecommerce

Revenue - >20cr

Investor - Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) and Bertelsmann India Investments (BII)

Why should you work here - Pepperfry has built a leadership position in the online home and furniture segment with its scale and strengths in sourcing products, strong logistics, ably supported by a highly experienced management team. Working at Pepperfry guarantees that people would handle large areas of responsibility, be business owners and actively influence the future course of the company.


Founding Year – 2013

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Digital Publishing

Revenue - <3cr

Why should you work here – At Papertrell, you’ll be reimagining books; be a leader, not a follower; play a direct role in the future of publishing; you can argue with the CEO, he’ll like you for it; you’ll work for the 'Most Innovative Publishing start-up in the world'(according to Frankfurt Book Fair 2014); you get top $; and you get free lunch every day, beer during IPL matches.


Founding Year – 2010

Location – Chennai

Sector – SaaS

Investor - Accel Partners, Tiger Global, Google Capital

Why someone you should work here – At Freshdesk, they pride themselves on building powerful, sophisticated software that’s fun and easy to use. Their approach is to find the best people, empower them to succeed, and set them loose. They foster a workplace that makes people jump out of bed every morning with a smile on their face. Freshdesk has been consistently rated as one of India's hottest startups, and is the only Indian company backed by Google Capital.


Founding Year – 2012

Location – Indore

Sector – Mobile

Revenue - <3cr

Why should you work here – They transform learning and training for millions. Discover why Google and Microsoft are GoSalesTrain customers.

Grey Orange Pvt. Ltd

Founding Year – 2011

Location – Gurgaon

Sector – Warehouse Automation

Revenue – 10-20 cr

Investor - Tiger Global, Blume Ventures

Why should you work here – Because they are creating the next billion dollar hardware company in India with a mini university-like, fun, energetic team (they have got Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science, and Embedded Engineering departments apart from equally interesting Business Analysis, Development and Operations teams).


Founding Year – 2011

Location – Bangalore

Sector - Mobile Point of Sale solutions

Investors - AngelPrime, Social+Capital Partnership, Helion Advisors, American Express

Why should you work here – With industry-specific services built around payments, Ezetap is changing the way enterprises, small and home-run business are getting paid. Ezetap is live in multiple countries across Africa and South East Asia.


Founding Year – 2011

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Technology and Transport

Revenue - >20cr

Investors - Accel Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Helion Venture Partners, Blume Ventures

Why should you work here – TaxiForSure combines the best of the start-up and corporate worlds. With freedom to innovate and a hands-on approach to work, the company is a young and energetic place to work in. TaxiForSure is seeing exponential growth and the company has attracted funding from leading national and international investors. The company boats of talent drawn from top Technology and B-schools in the country and abroad. Flexible work hours, open work spaces and a fun company culture are added positives of working with this company.

Must See India

Founding Year – 2011

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Travel

Revenue – 10-20 cr

Investors – K Ganesh

Why should you work here – The company says, "We hire rockstars who want to grow faster and take full ownership of work they do."


Founding Year - 2010

Location - Bangalore/Mumbai

Sector - Consumer Internet

Why should you work here - Focused heavily on growth, FreeCharge is a venture backed firm that has a very driven work culture and lot of opportunities for employees to flourish. The leadership team is highly entrepreneurial and this gives a lot of opportunities to folks working there to learn.


Founding Year - 2011

Location - Mumbai

Sector - Consumer Internet

Revenue - > 20cr

Why should you work here - Acquired by Times Internet, CouponDunia has the flexibility of a startup and the security of being backed. The website gets more than 4 million visits a month and their app has more than 500k downloads.


Founding Year - 2010

Location - Gurgaon/Santa Clara

Sector - EdTech

Why should you work here - StudyPad is an ed-tech company focused on transforming the early childhood learning experience. It's vision is to make education truly new-age by seamlessly integrating immersive digital products into the curriculum. They are #1 math apps publisher on the iOS App Store. StudyPad’s products have been used by close to 10 million kids around the world.


Founding Year – 2012

Location – Gurgaon & San Francisco

Sector – Marketing Technology

Revenue – 3-10 Crore

Investors - IDG Ventures, 500 Startups, Unilazer Ventures, Palaash Ventures, TA Ventures, GSF Accelerator

Why should you work here – The company says, "You get to work with a group of dedicated young breed of data scientists and developers from US and India, lots of food, flexible work hours, growth and learning as par with the top companies in the world. If you have, what it takes to build a world class product, hop into the team."

Flat Dot To Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founding year – 2013

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Real estate and communication

Investor – CommonFloor

Why you should work here - The team is working on novel, design-focused real-estate products. Recently launched Flatchat has been gaining traction. The small team has a good mix of product and marketing folks. The culture is a lot of fun. You also get to 'getaway' twice an year.

Founding year – 2014

Location – Bangalore

Sector – Online Home Interiors and Marketplace

Revenue – 10-20 Crore

Investor – raised 15 Cr. (investor not yet disclosed)

Why you should work here – The company says - "You get to work with people who live and breathe Technology, work on the latest web technology stack(s), and learn how to build scalable, secure and state of the art Web platforms. The leadership team is experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs with track record of building multiple start-ups."

Are you interested in working for one of these startups? Let us know here

And some more...

As a part of this survey, we reached out to several startups and we're yet to hear from the following companies:


An online portal that help you buy gold and other ornaments online with various discounts and offers.


Eventifier offers a complete view of pre and post-event data for both organizers and attendees.


Heckyl aims to be a global leader in the space of information analytics for worldwide financial markets. They strive to raise the bar with everything that they offer and shall continue to do so till hell freezes over.


MindTickle's online training software is a complete cloud-based training and mobile training solution.


It helps publishers build and manage their mobile websites and apps.

Portea Medical

Portea helps you connect with doctors, physiotherapist,trained attendants and many such things at your doorstep.


They help you book a cab in a very convinient way through mobile app and get notifications instantly.


They provide Online Assessment-E Assessment-Software For Recruitment,Training and Exams-Free Trial-Request.


Simplify360 is a Social Business Intelligence platform which has a suite of softwares for marketing and customer service departments.


It is a Singapore/Bangalore based serious gaming and simulation software company focusing on management talent transformation. KNOLSKAPE is a portmanteau of the word Knowledge and Landscape.


They help you buy furnitures and similar products online in a very simplified and easy way.


Zivame provide a fantastic collection of Bras, Panties, Nightwear, and Sportswear.

CaratLane offers Gold Coins, Loose Diamonds, Solitaire Jewellery, Gold, Gemstone, Platinum and Diamond Jewellery Online for Men and Women at Best offers.


Magzter is a cross-platform, global digital magazine newsstand and book store with over 4500 magazines and 25000s of books and comic titles from over 1500 publishers.

Bigbasket is the comprehensive online grocery store based out of Bangalore which help people shop groceries online with home delivery and cheap rates.


They are online grocery store currently running in Navi Mumbai and Bangalore.


They are a logistic chain which helps the customers send stuffs easily and cheaply.


Gramener generates visual insights on large-scale data, making it easier for enterprises to consume and act on these insights.


LocalBanya is one of the leading destination for online grocery shopping in Mumbai, offering some of the best prices and a completely hassle-free experience. Now shop for the freshest exotic Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses, Rice, Oil, Milk, Personal Care, Household supplies, Baby Care, Beverages and products from a host of other categories available.


It is an ad display website which help you display your ads to your target customers in a very effective manner.


Zipdial serves as one of the most effective marketing platform for the emerging businesses.


Vyome is a research driven dermatology company which harnesses science and technology for various dermatological problems.


It is an online retail chain that directly connects the customers and the whoesale dealers thus providing stuffs at very reasonable rates.

Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds is a next generation IT company based out of Bangalore, with operations around the world. The company primarily focuses on providing services on disruptive technologies.


Tallenge is an online platform that conducts competitions and serves a platform for talented contestants.


Rang De is a non-profit organisation that allows individuals to lend money to Indians from low income households that require a small amount of money for starting up.


They are building and managing hospitals/clinics in semi-urban and rural areas and bringing healthcare services where it is needed most. Vaatsalya is India's first hospital network focused on Tier II and Tier III towns.


Canvera is an online photography company providing mass customized printed products and e-commerce solutions to professional photographers.


CarWale is one of the India's most authoritative source of new car pricing. Focused around car buyers, CarWale promises to help you buy the right car at the right price.


They help customers discover and buy mobile apps the way they buy almost anything - through Retail, the only channel to reach out to the mass audience.


ShepHertz is Cloud Ecosystem Provider with products like App42 Cloud API BaaS, Cloud Multiplayer Gaming Engine AppWarp, AppWarpS2 on-Prem etc.


Niqotin is an Enterprise Application Service provider based out of Chennai, India. We are developing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, named Rural ERP, for Indian Rural MSME's.


Unmetric is the one social intelligence and benchmarking platform trusted by leading brands to understand their competitor’s efforts, uncover insights based on data and unlock new social strategies.


Momoe enables users to pay with their mobile phone when they eat out, shop & commute.


TaxiPixi is a Radio Taxi Cab booking smartphone application for India. It is the GetTaxi / Hailo for Indian Radio Taxis. TaxiPixi is a smartphone based taxi booking platform for India.

BluShift Technologies

BlueShift Technologies develops and markets vacuum automation products for semiconductor manufacturing. BlueShift's linkable QuickLink wafer handling platform empowers semiconductor OEMs to cost-effectively adapt existing wafer processing tools to new process requirement while reducing equipment cost.


Wingify develops Visual Website Optimizer(VWO) which is a tool for increasing website sales, signups, downloads and conversions.

Hector Beverages

Hector Beverages is focused on contributing to the consumer’s health-delivering macro- and micro-nutrient beverages.


Marketelligent is a leader in advanced analytics. The company helps businesses make the leap from basic reporting to predictive.

Still not convinced!

If you're still in double minds, here's why you will be grateful to choose to work in a startup.

And, for those who are scared of going the unconventional path, this video by Varun Agarwal might just help you overcome your fears and listen to your heart (at least tickle it).

Are you interested in working for one of these startups? Let us know in the form below.

P.S. - We understand that in the process of defining the parameters, certain elements of the subjective nature of shortlisting might not have been captured. Therefore, we humbly request all such startups to drop in your details at [email protected] and we'll update the article after analyzing the same.