Get your e-business running in less than 15 days with BoostMySale

Get your e-business running in less than 15 days with BoostMySale

Thursday June 04, 2015,

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With e-commerce booming, the natural next step is the rise of startups supporting e-commerce. Platforms that enable creation of portals, codes that can provide relevant analytics, softwares that manages online campaigns – each one of them has jostled for some share of the e-commerce pie and they are all here to stay.


Priyanka and Abhishake Rungta’s company BoostMySale is one among these fast-growing members of the e-commerce universe. BoostMySale is an integrated e-commerce solution that not only helps sellers create their portals, but also helps them with the complete process of selling -- from managing the store on various marketplaces to publicising it through social media channels and providing digital marketing tools.


Priyanka Rungta (Founder-Director and CEO) started her entrepreneurship journey at the age of 24. She co-founded a company with her husband called Navigators Software that dealt with web application development. The NavSoft team consisted of over 150 people and the company’s clients included some of the ‘who’s who’ of the Fortune 500 companies in the US. In 2009, she had to take a step back from the venture to take care of her children, but found it hard to get rid of the entrepreneurship bug.

She waited for the right opportunity to make use of her skills and ideate on the next potentially successful concept in the industry. E-commerce seemed like the next big bet, and, hence, Priyanka decided to position her venture as a support to the e-commerce space. BoostMySale saw a beta launch 1.5 years ago. Through the beta launch, Priyanka was able to validate the need for her product. Close to 50 customers, including both small and large ventures, signed on in the past four to six months. The venture’s clients included Yash Raj Films, The Bombay Store, Borosil Glassworks and a host of other prominent retailers. Features that were relevant to Indian e-tailers were added such as India-centric payment gateways, inventory, marketplace and content management systems.



Priyanka believes that the USP of her platform is its feature-rich interface. Some of the notable features include ‘pushing’ products directly into marketplaces of their choice, like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, PayTM and so on. Orders can be ‘pulled’ as well, based on the inventory count of the seller. Sellers can even customise their retail portal using BoostMySale’s visual editor. Their product is client-agnostic and caters to both B2C and B2B startups. A single platform supports web stores, in-house sales, distributors, manufacturers, brick-and-mortar stores and channel partners of a single brand.

The 20-member team, based in both Kolkata and Ahmedabad, is responsible for building a platform that processes 25,000 to 50,000 orders per day. BoostMySale has also partnered with Amazon to provide its sellers the option of ‘fulfillment by Amazon’.

According to Priyanka, BoostMySale has a completely different set of challenges as compared to her earlier product, Navigators Software. For one, e-commerce deals with an extremely price sensitive market. Offers that launch and expire on the same day can end up wiping out a seller’s inventory in a matter of minutes. Cataloguing products is also difficult since good products will experience volatility in sales. However, these are the aspects that make the product extremely exciting to work with, she says. Developers and designers will have to constantly brainstorm on the features they could add to make their offering more competitive.

Now, even manufacturers of exported goods have started using the BoostMySale platform. Depending on how prepared the sellers are, BoostMySale can take anywhere between five minutes to five days to get an online shop up and running. For those who require a high degree of customisation, BoostMySale takes three to four weeks with a dedicated team serving them. The team’s involvement does not end there. The venture also provides training on the usage of the platform and even has an in-house team that conducts digital marketing for the e-tailer. Within two to three weeks, sellers will be able to use the platform independently.


The way forward

BoostMySale has already taken its product overseas and is hoping to establish a stronger global presence in the next few years. Priyanka’s vision is to develop BoostMySale as the best, solid, most dependable and useful platform that India and the world want to run their e-businesses on.