This serial entrepreneur makes recruitments easier with a virtual video interviewing platform

This serial entrepreneur makes recruitments easier with a virtual video interviewing platform

Friday July 03, 2015,

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Every team and every member of the team matters today. Talent acquisition is currently one of the hottest topics in organisations. One such organisation that makes talent acquisition easier is Career Vita, a virtual interview platform.

Two years back, Career Vita was started by serial entrepreneur Girish Baliga. The organisation was first started as an interview engine. Over these two years, the startup pivoted to a 'virtual interview’ platform. The platform basically uses videos as a technology that is set to enable three stakeholders -- jobseekers, recruiters and business owners.

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How does it work?

 Career Vita is Girish’s third entrepreneurial venture. His earlier venture was an ERP startup in the education space. "We were handling every stage of the education till the placement aspect. On touching the placement part, I realised how complicated the whole process was," says Girish. After the company was bought over, Girish decided to focus more on placements. He found that there was a big gap, especially in technology in the field of talent acquisition.

"We thought that videos were the best way to reduce cost and time, and even filter the right candidate," adds Girish. All that a candidate needs to do is upload their video resumes. This then can be reviewed at any point in time by recruiting managers. These video resumes are referred to as interviews, where the individual shares a basic idea of his or her background and work experience with the recruiter "The videos can be reviewed at any time after which they can be processed for a direct interview," add Girish.

 This, in turn, reduces the time required to process resumes, talk to the right candidate and choose them for the next round. It automates the whole process.

Funding and app creation

Career Vita is funded by a few angel investors and Blume Ventures. Currently, there are over 22 people in the team. Of which, close to 10 people are part of product development and technology. Based out of Bengaluru, the organisation is hoping for a pan India expansion soon. Run solely by Girish, currently, Career Vita is looking for a Co-founder.

Getting the product experience close to perfection has been a challenge for the team. The team has launched an app for the job seeker so that he or she can share all their work details, why they are relevant for the job and their basic CV via a video through this app. Career Vita hopes to launch an app for the recruiter as well. The team is looking for a Series A funding.


Speaking of the challenges, Girish says that every day has been a new day, a day for learning and moving on. "It's been an ongoing journey till the product gets stabilised," says Girish. One of the best feelings the team experienced is when a large MNC bank signed up for the product.

Girish believes that while everyone loves technology, they have a mindset issue with regards to accepting any change. Most of the time, the team has had to convince the client that the product works for them. "While technology is present in every sphere of one's life, the recruitment process is still untouched and unorganised," adds Girish. The key is to enable recruiters to hire better.

The main thing, according to Girish, is customising the product based on the needs and requirements of each organisation so that it matches the culture of the organisation. Career Vita currently has 12 to 14 POC's with large organisations.

Digital interview platforms

The recruitment search market has been marked at close to INR 700 crores in India alone. As of 2014, the global market was predicted to be close to USD 369 billion. To tap into this market, globally there are several digital interview platforms like TalentBox, Aon Hewitt, and Hirevue. The advantages of a digital hiring platform are that it saves time and organisations have a better chance of getting the right candidates. There are similar Indian platforms as well, like InterviewMaster now known as Talview.

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