From delivering vadapav to receiving guests from the airport, GetMyPeon 'get things done' in Mumbai

From delivering vadapav to receiving guests from the airport, GetMyPeon 'get things done' in Mumbai

Tuesday July 07, 2015,

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Started with the vision of revolutionizing the way people run their daily chores, GetMyPeon is an innovative errand-running and same-day delivery service in Mumbai. With their team of dedicated professionals, they offer reliable and affordable services that let people outsource their daily chores and errands.


GetMyPeon completed three years of operations on July 1st, 2015. 'Get things done' is their tagline. From delivering vada-pav from a specific food stall to a client waiting at the airport, to accompanying a client's grandparent to the doctor's clinic, GetMyPeon themselves discovered a new way their service could be used every single day.

GetMyPeon receives seed funding of USD 250K

Since its inception in 2012, GetMyPeon only recently received its first round of seed funding, of USD 250,000

Talking about funding, the founder of GetMyPeon, Bharat Ahirwar says “GetMyPeon was started with the simple vision of running errands for individuals and helping them with their daily chores. This has now turned into a reliable, affordable, dependable and highly available service, to get anything, from personal to official work, done in the city. Whether it is picking up cakes, parcels, gifts, wedding cards, or couriers, or taking your car / bike for servicing, or receiving guests from the airport/railway station, we offer it all. This round of funding will help us scale up operations to greater heights.”

The funds received will essentially be invested in infrastructure; i.e. technology (front end & back end), vehicles, hiring more executives on field, a mobile platform and geographical expansion.


The growth of GetMyPeon

GetMyPeon has an interesting growth story. Since its inception in 2012, GetMyPeon has successfully executed over 35,000 tasks and has served over 15000 clients, operating in Mumbai, Thane & Vashi. With over 60+ field executives as a part of the team currently, GetMyPeon now executes around 150 to 200 tasks per day, for a fee ranging from INR 200 to INR 1500. The service was launched in 2012, with just a facebook and a twitter page, and later a website in mid-2013. Currently they have 4500+ followers on their fb page. Starting with a mere capital of INR 20,000/-, GetMyPeon has matured and grown to acquire a seed round of funding to reach great heights of success.

GetMyPeon offers a range of services that are highly customized as per client requirement. Some of the services offered are pick up and drop (food, parcels, cheques, laundry, cakes, wedding invites, documents, letters, guests, cars and bikes) , man for hire, repairs, receiving guests from the airport, paying electricity and phone bills etc.

In addition to the traditional way of taking orders - calls and emails - GetMyPeon also accepts orders via WhatsApp Mobile messenger and Twitter tweets.

Others in this space and Future Plans

There is no direct competition in India as of now, but Timesavers and Grofers do offer a few errands, and they are trying to create a marketplace. Regarding competition in this space, Bharat says “GetMyPeon stands out because we are not a marketplace. We have our own trained & verified teams on the field, and all jobs are guaranteed to be completed within 90 minutes. We customize as per client request, and we can do anything and everything that a client needs in the city, both personal & professional. “


As far as future plans are concerned, GetMyPeon will launch an app soon, and expand to 3 other cities in India, such as Bengaluru, Pune and Delhi. Also, they have plans to expand internationally by the end of this year.

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