Illustrator Paul Fernandes’ Apaulogy gallery – from brush to business

Illustrator Paul Fernandes’ Apaulogy gallery – from brush to business

Wednesday July 22, 2015,

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Paul Fernandes is a Bengaluru-based cartoonist, illustrator, and entrepreneur. His gallery Apaulogy located near Richards Park, is a beautiful museum of color and creativity. I can guarantee that no matter what mood you are in, you are sure to leave with a smile plastered on your face, and a good laugh.

The whole atmosphere screams out Bangalore of the 70s. Familiar hotspots such as M.G Road, The Only place, and Airlines Hotel are animated and make you go back in time to the good old days of our very own “Sylcon city.”

Paul’s work also portrays stills from his childhood and memories shared with his family. The best part is that he never reveals who’s who in his work. You might just walk in one day and notice that you were the subject of his inspiration.

(Video editor- Anjali Achal; Cameraman- Rukmangada Raja)

In this video story, Paul talks about his work and his association with Bangalore city. To a question on whether his ability to manage a business interferes with his creative side, he says,

I’d say it does. In the beginning it was wonderful to see something you’ve drawn be marketed and sold, but as time goes on you get a little more serious about the actual work and you try and separate the two.