Thanks to Roshni Mukherjee students now have no ExamFear

Thanks to Roshni Mukherjee students now have no ExamFear

Sunday August 02, 2015,

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“What you could explain in 10 minutes, my teacher could not explain in a week.”

Responses like these keep Roshni Mukherjee on her toes. Roshni’s ExamFear provides quality education to students, free of cost, through educational video lessons on Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.


With her passion for teaching Roshni sensed that there was a huge scope for improvement in teaching methods given the lack of good teachers and good schools providing quality education.

There is a lack of quality education, at the same time it is quite expensive which makes it unaffordable for many parents. Therefore, the motto was to provide free education while maintaining good quality. I wanted to reach students in remote areas, I wanted to reach students who can’t afford expensive education, I wanted to reach the parents who want to guide their kids to help them learn. I knew Internet has solution to everything. An online platform was the best option to reach people.

Born in a middle class Bengali family, with extremely supporting and encouraging parents, Roshni was motivated to be good at everything. Her mother, a homemaker always wanted her to excel, especially when it came to a career.

Roshni was good in academics in school as well as in college. She was the topper in her school, and a Science merit scholarship holder in College. She did her M.Sc in Physics from Hansraj College, Delhi University.

“In fact, while I was in college, I used to get a lot of feedback from many including my friends, my niece and others that I teach really well.”

During her M.Sc she lost her dad but went on to complete her M.Sc and decided to choose the corporate sector over the world of academics and teaching. After completing her M.Sc. she was picked by Wipro during the campus placement. She spent three years there, then joined Hewlett Packard as a Senior Quality Analyst where she worked till about a few months ago. She quit to focus completely on her venture.

Driven by her passion for teaching, Roshni started ExamFear in 2011 while she was still with Wipro. At present she has more than 3800 video lessons on her YouTube channel on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for Classes 9th to 12th and 75000 subscribers. “The channel is flooded with appreciation from students.”

Using examples from daily life, Roshni’s focus is to explain the concepts simple and easy to understand. She also makes use of pictures and animations when required. A quick recap of complex concepts along with questions/problems with solutions at the end of each lesson provides clarity and helps students to understand the concepts better.

helps the students better to understand the application of the concepts learnt.

It helps immensely that Roshni’s husband understands her and helped her during the initial setup.


Though the website development part is outsourced, she still has a lot on her plate. At the moment she plans and creates the videos, responds to initial doubts, manages the YouTube channel and the site. However, she says, “I have plans for expansion.”Talking about the journey so far she says, “It has been an extremely satisfying journey. I spend the entire day doing what I wanted to do. That is happiness for me. Words can’t express the happiness I feel reading the appreciation from students on my channel.”

However, her biggest challenge has been time management. I struggled during the initial years spending all my weekends creating ExamFear videos, and a couple of hours at night on the weekdays. However, now that I have resigned things have become simpler.”

Her husband’s support and belief in her capabilities and the response from the students keeps her going.

Roshni’s motto in life is –

Work hard in silence, let Success make all the noise.

She plans to soon have more videos on different subjects and classes. She also plans to translate these videos in regional languages, “So that it can bring a huge impact in the lives of thousands of students in the remote areas who are more proficient and comfortable with the regional languages.”