How Pune-based Cloudmoyo is leveraging big data analytics and cloud to help modern businesses increase productivity


CloudMoyo was launched in April 2015 when Pune-based startup Icertis providing ERP-surround solutions, spun its cloud solutions and services business into this new company. CloudMoyo was developed under Microsoft cloud technology. It focusses on the development and operation of digital solutions at the intersection of cloud and analytics. The company develops strategy and lead execution to deliver field-tested applications that help modern enterprises thrive.

Manish Kedia, CEO and President, CloudMoyo, says,

Enterprises need to transform for digital multichannel engagement to deliver next-generation experience to consumers. In order to thrive in this new age of consumer engagement and high velocity data, modern enterprises must adopt solutions that combine the scale of cloud with power of data-driven insights.

Cloudmoyo is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington and its innovation centre is based out of Pune. The Bellevue office serves as the close-to-customer location for all sales, business development, functional and technology architecture discussions to help the innovation centre. Currently, the company has a team of 200 people divided between the two offices.

Manish Media, CEO and President, Cloudmoyo

According to Manish, the following set apart Cloudmoyo from its competitors: the intellectual property and pool of technical talent with experience in the Microsoft Azure, Office365/SharePoint, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, and advanced analytics, especially its newest capabilities - Cortana Analytics, and Azure Machine Learning.

Manish brings twenty years of experience in the application of technology innovation in solving business challenges, and has had proven success in conceptualising and delivering challenging big data, analytics, and business solutions in enterprise – healthcare, retail and hi-tech, in the cloud, hybrid, and on premise models.

Digital consumer engagement

Manish says, "Increased collaborators, partners, regulatory scrutiny, growing variety, volume, and speed of data provide new opportunities for insight, while increasing risk, cost and complexity. Our Cloud Analytics Framework can be leveraged to develop tools for any modern enterprise. CloudMoyo provides unique solutions that are tailored specifically for the health, life sciences and transportation industries."

Healthcare and life sciences organisations, sometimes, face numerous challenges in terms of achieving patient and customer satisfaction, while improving financial performance. CloudMoyo helps simplify operations, mitigate risks and reduce costs while enhancing compliance and visibility with regulatory content management and risk analytics, digital health and data-driven consumer experience solutions.

The company also offers comprehensive solutions for transportation, fleet and public transport management.

Transportation domain knowledge, when coupled with the deployment model on Windows Azure Cloud platform, helps businesses optimise processes, reduce costs, increase collaboration and improve service performance.

Manish says,

CloudMoyo’s unique solutions have been adopted by many large enterprises like Microsoft, Roche Diagnostics and other large customers across industries. We have a strong customer base of enterprises and several Fortune-1000 customers that we are engaged in POC and advanced conversations.

Growth Ahead

According to industry analysts, the cloud and data analytics solutions market is predicted to grow to over USD 100 billion in the next three years. Given the changing consumer behaviour and expectations, enterprises need to transform for digital multichannel engagement to engage with the consumer.

Manish adds,

CloudMoyo is poised to continue leading this fast growing market, owing to its unique capabilities at the intersection of cloud and data analytics. We plan to double our growth and employee base in the next year and following.



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