Rent furniture, party accessories or even camping gear; GrabOnRent has it all


Bengaluru being the startup capital of India attracts people from all over the country. Moving to a new city comes with its own set of challenges: from logistical hurdles to making connections in the new city. Founders of Perdix, a Kolkata-based startup, faced similar issues when they moved to Bengaluru to expand operations.

They were facing huge issues while moving offices and had to buy furniture every time they moved to new offices. The idea got its stronghold when the team had a party and didn't know where to rent barbecue equipment. They had to go out and buy one, instead. This experience led Manish S. Sugandhi, Shubham Jain and Aditya Sharma to start GrabOnRent. Manish and Shubham had set up Perdix Solutions before moving on to Grab on Rent. Perdix Solutions is now taken care of by other cofounders.

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GrabOnRent is a platform to rent different products, be it furniture or party accessories or even camping gear. Once a user logs on to the site, they can browse different products and compare the prices, their delivery times etc. After selecting the item, users have to make security deposit and pay for the item. The product is checked for defects before it is delivered to the customer so that there is no confusion in case of accidental damage to the product.

Team GrabOnRent

The good part about GrabOnRent is that one can rent products as per convenience, be it for an hour or for a day or even for months. And if someone intends to use a product for few hours, they need not rent it for an entire day thus saving on the costs. This also helps in preventing accidental damages to the product.

The company has tied up with small businesses for its products. This is also helping reduce the inventory burden on the company. By being an online marketplace, the company is also looking to provide visibility to offline sellers.

One of the biggest challenges which companies in this space face is gathering the trust of vendors. Within two weeks of its launch the company has fulfilled over 107 orders with an ARP (Average Renting Price) of Rs 1350.

Online renting is a relatively new segment and a lot of startups like Rentomojo, IRentshare and Furlenco are in this space. The differentiating factor with Grab on Rent is that it has moved to a bigger space instead of restricting itself to furniture rental only. But there is no leader; most startups are yet to make a big mark in this space.



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