Enterprise chat platform iFlyChat grows organically, registers over 30,000 users and 10 million user hits

Enterprise chat platform iFlyChat grows organically, registers over 30,000 users and 10 million user hits

Friday October 30, 2015,

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From its inception in 2013 till date, iFlyChat has come a long way. Founded by Shashwat Srivastava and Shubham Gupta, iFlyChat is a real-time enterprise chat solution which can be integrated into websites and provided as a service (SaaS).

The product has features like one-to-one and group chat and chat rooms, each of which is highly customisable. Chat can be integrated into websites in two forms — popup chat (like on Facebook) or it can be embedded into the web pages. On the backend, iFlyChat empowers chat administrators to moderate chat and its users in real time. Its features will help in increasing the user engagement. The chat plugin supports WordPress Multisite feature and one can install chat globally across a WordPress Network.


The duo started working on iFlyChat in March 2012 and launched the beta version in June 2012. They have been growing ever since. Shashwat says, “In the past one year, we have become more mature and have developed our backend to support the ever growing user hits and messages. From adding new features to changing its UI, the platform has undergone various positive changes.”

The company is developing more features, including chat analytics, which will be completed by the end of this year.

It recently introduced mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS platforms to integrate the website into the mobile application.

The company's pricing is structured based on the number of online users on a website and on the various features. Its lifetime free plan supports upto 10 online users on chat at a time. For advanced features (such as embed and group chat) and scalability, the company offers paid plans.

In the past one year, iFlyChat has grown its customer base by five times, from 6,000 registered websites using its platform to 30,000 now. The platform also sees over 10 million user hits every month and the team size has grown from three to seven as well.

So far, the growth has been completely organic and the team is working quietly on perfecting the product. However, marketing of the product will start soon.