Fashionistas themselves, these designers are a Make In India brand

11th May 2016
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They are fashion divas in their own might. Not only do they look fashionable, they ensure that people approaching them look stunning while they flaunt their ‘in’ clothes. Here’s three fashion designer brands that stand out simply because they are Make in India, chic and contemporary at the same time.

Fashion designers

Indigene by Jaya Bhatt and Ruchi Tripathi

Jaya Bhatt and Ruchi Tripathi met each other while they were studying at NIFT, Delhi. The duo has a fondness for artisan-based designs. Textile design graduates, Jaya and Ruchi developed an inclination towards handloom textiles while in college. The duo started their label Indigene in 2010, with a passion for all things handmade.

“The idea was not to be limited in terms of products or art. We toyed with the idea of starting our own label, long before we started up,” says Ruchi. Delhi-based crafts and clothing company Indigene now does wholesale and retail under their own label, with them already into production. Currently, they do not have individual manufacturing unit “We got together with two tailors who are also new entrepreneurs like us,” says Ruchi.

ruchi jaya indigene
Jaya Bhatt and Ruchi Tripathi

For their magical creations, they work with a group of artisans in Southern Rajasthan. Their designs are inspired by natural dyed handblock technique, typical of Kutch. They have also collaborated with few groups in Jharkhand and Bihar for the states’ famous ‘sujni’.

The designer duo is happy doing embroidery variations on their pieces, co-creating things, and enjoying every bit of their freedom to explore creativity. They are happy to work with a particular set of artisans and have a sustained relationship with them.

Currently, this Make-in-India business model is bootstrapped. As Ruchi says, they started with bulk orders, which gave them enough money to reinvest in the business.

We have managed to sustain it. Since we are now in a growing stage, we are looking at funding opportunities,

says Ruchi.

‘Purvi Doshi’ by Purvi Doshi

Purvi Doshi started the label “Purvi Doshi” when she was unhappy with the local tailors and thought of learning stitching herself. “There was hardly any concept of fashion boutiques when I was growing up so that frustrated me all the more,” says Purvi. When Purvi wore a knee-length midi, which she designed herself, to college, she was appreciated for her design. That’s when she realised she had some potential to experiment with designs and come up with brilliant dresses. The one thing she was certain about from the very beginning is that her label would be ‘Make in India’.

purvi doshi
Purvi Doshi

Ever since she made up her mind, there was no looking back. She kept getting orders from her friends and roped in a local tailor.

I happily started off without learning designing as a formal subject. I initially enjoyed that money as pocket money. I then started working on the idea of being a full-time designer,

says the 42-year-old designer who got into full-time business in 1997.

Purvi started using local art and motif in a contemporary form and people in Ahmedabad started loving it. She did many exhibitions to get started and her work got popular pretty soon, largely because of the fact that she used a lot of colour and sustainable designs in her work.

Purvi is not shy to innovate and experiment with her designs. She has created collections with enchanting blend of Indian with western.

Purvi has been awarded as the ‘Emerging Designer’ by Grazia magazine for reinventing old crafts in a contemporary style. Purvi Doshi has transformed into a regular feature at many editions of Lakme Fashion Week.

“I have been invited to witness the Ethical Fashion Week in June this year and that would mark my going international too,” signs off an excited Purvi.

Ridhi Arora by Ridhi Arora

“Less is more. I design for women who are elegant but not extravagant, who are muted yet glamorous. The ones who dress up for themselves and not just confine themselves to the ‘trend,” says Ridhi Arora.

With a specialisation in Finance and Business Strategy, Ridhi worked as a Consultant for a year with Grant Thronton in New York, one of the top business accounting and consultancy firms.

ridhi arora
Ridhi Arora

The idea was of the fashion label, Ridhi Arora, was conceptualised by Ridhi while she was completing her Business Administration. She then pursued a diploma in Fashion Designing from INIFD. With the right education and great family support, Ridhi got a chance to pursue her dreams.

For me, designing just does not mean making a beautiful outfit for a bride or her family. Designing to me is styling people across India as well as taking brand India to an international level where we cater to an audience across the globe,

says Ridhi who started off her label in 2012.


Make in India is an overrunning theme here as well with silhouette and embroideries lending Ridhi’s creations an Indian-ness. The idea is to create a classic look, which is timeless and elegant at the same time.

It has been four years now that Ridhi has entered the retail sector in Delhi, Mumbai, Raipur, and Pune and has expansion plans across metropolitan cities soon. Although currently bootstrapped, Ridhi is planning to raise funds once she expands her business.

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