5 Outdated marketing tactics to ditch immediately

5 Outdated marketing tactics to ditch immediately

Thursday May 12, 2016,

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Image credits - Shutterstock
Image credits - Shutterstock

Do you still rely on snail mails to market your product? Is your SEO not yielding the required results? Or do you swear by ancient by-the-book marketing techniques? Whatever be the case, it is time to get a trend check. New and revised marketing strategies have become quintessential in today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced business environments. Banking on outdated marketing strategies can bring your business more harm than good. It is, thus, imperative to revise your strategies and campaigns in lieu with the changing trends to avoid dips in revenue and search engine rankings. Here are 5 common, yet outdated, marketing techniques that organisations still follow diligently, but should be scrapped immediately.

Stuffing keywords in content

If you thought it was hard for search engines to distinguish good content from bad, think again. You have to be selective, specific and very careful about quality while choosing keywords. Good content with quality keywords will get you more number of shares and drive your content to top slots on search engines.

Say no to pop-up banner ads

Imagine reading an interesting article and suddenly an irritating ad pops up and breaks your flow. No one likes to be interrupted by such pop-ups and now consumers are smart enough to use pop-up blockers. It is best to learn to make educational newsletters, in-mail banners and creatively embed multimedia into emails and send them out. This will make the consumer curious and your content will stand out.

Social media overdose

Does your blog talk about how great you are? Do you post sales-heavy social media content? Let us break the news to you: you are committing an unpardonable sin. Selling is an art, we agree, but monotonous, self-promotional posts on social media will only land you on the ignore lists of consumers. Try generating engaging content through interesting stories relevant to your product or services, cartoons and audio-visuals instead to earn brownie points and keep your audience engaged.

Sharing links

Gone are the days when link exchange was a nice little kitty party for the common benefit of a team of webmasters. Although sharing links between two related websites is still not completely out of fashion, overdoing it or reciprocating links may be looked upon as fake by Google algorithm. Sharing content on social media wisely to develop meaningful and relatable partnerships will get you a more genuine consumer base.

Faking reviews

Faking anything is not cool, let alone reviews. When you use a service and like it, you will want to appreciate it. Instead of getting paid reviews or fake testimonials adopt a genuine customer review system. Using videos and content featuring customers who have gone back happy is more likely to make you popular. All you have to do is ask your customer. Trust us; a good review spreads faster than made-up ones due to its originality .

Be the change you wish to see. Create content that even you would want to read about. Adapt techniques and skills that appeal to your customers. Creativity and originality are what drive a good campaign that engages the right customers. As you embrace new and effective techniques, do not forget to discard these obsolete ones.