From a 360-degree platform for securities trading to an accounting bot, here are the product launches of the week


Incessant rainfall in Gurgaon and Benagluru has brought the life of commuters to a standstill. Prolonged water logging in several pockets of the cities triggered huge traffic snarls interrupting the fast-paced life of office goers. The tech-enabled chain of affordable and reliable hotels Treebo Hotels came to their rescue and launched a new initiative called Treebo Pitstop, which allows people stuck in jams to call the helpline of Treebo Hotels and locate the nearest hotel, at which they can take rest for few hours.

The week gone by has again not left us disappointed in terms of interesting product launches with Intellect launching a comprehensive product for Securities Trading and Asset Services, Gupshup launching an accounting bot, Zoho launching a developer programme to empower sales people and more.

A 360-degree platform for securities trading and asset services

Intellect Design Arena Limited has launched Intellect OneMARKETS, a 360-degree platform for securities trading and asset services. The platform supports Direct Market Access (DMA), which takes care of the full-investment life-cycle across a variety of asset classes and market segments. Regulatory compliance in different jurisdictions, support for multi-lingual reporting and value-added services like Securities Lending and Collateral Management are some of its key features.

The platform also reduces the operational risks of both pre-trade and post-trade, and improves the overall operational efficiency by 15 percent. It comes with 12 in-built modules, which cater to the needs of asset management firms, portfolio management firms, fund managers and custodians.


Spreadsheet-killing accounting bot

Bot platform Gupshup, in collaboration with accounting software provider Sage, has launched an accounting bot named Pegg. Users can log expenses, check invoices, track payments and chat. Powered by the Gupshup bot platform, Pegg transformed the traditional accounting process, making it easier for small businesses to track information, which includes account balances and recording receipts and income. Further, this accounting tool will minimise the dependency on spreadsheets and manual practices.

Gupshup Accounting Bot

Zoho’s developer program

Zoho’s Developer Program helps independent software vendors (ISVs) and application developers with tools and resources to build custom applications. Zoho Marketplace enables developers to sell these applications commission-free. Zoho multichannel CRM supports email, social media, live chat and phone communications, and enables salespeople to engage customers with SalesSignals. It comes with features like timeline view, page layouts and gamescope. Zoho SalesInbox, using Zoho CRM, prioritises customer conversations for sales people.  



SaaS platform BsharpCorp helps salespersons collect field reports through mobile devices. The field team provides information like customer-based reports, GPS information, voice files, photos and market data. The platform is applicable for retail operations, retail audits, sales reporting, customer reporting, event feedback, customer feedback and training measurement metrics. The company claims to have 10,000 professionals from across industries like customer electronics, healthcare and accessories using their platform.

Looking at the innovation pattern of the startup fraternity, it would not be wrong to say that India is a few years away from becoming one the largest innovation hubs in the world. Watch this space to catch glimpses of more new and exciting products from the startup world.


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