These four habits will help you gain a good reputation at work

These four habits will help you gain a good reputation at work

Thursday August 18, 2016,

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We spend a lot of time at work. We connect with people from all walks of life and work hard to build healthy relationships with our team members. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one to lose it.” We couldn’t agree more!


In an era when people live by the philosophy of ‘being yourself’, should you be concerned about what others think about you? No matter how burdensome it may sound, the answer is an outright, ‘Yes’. If you plan to stick to your current organisation, it is important to put a halt on all hearsays floating around. Not to mention, it also feels good to work alongside people who like you. Good gestures and positive vibes from co-workers often act as great motivators at work. So here are a few tips that will help you take control of your reputation at work:

Have lunch with your colleagues

With looming deadlines and constantly rising work pressure, many people bring their lunch to their desks. Some don’t even stop working while having lunch. This habit might be reaping good results for your manager but may be drifting you apart from your co-workers. Lunchtime is supposed to be a break. Take a break from your work and use this time to mingle with your colleagues. Set aside your assignment and share your food with others, discuss what happened during the weekend or share your opinion about a current hot topic. The idea is to talk to your co-workers about something that is not related to work. Give them your full attention when they talk and you might just end up learning a new thing or two.

Greet everyone as you enter and leave the premises

This one’s my favourite. I have always liked people who greet everyone in the morning with a bright smile and follow the same regime while leaving office in the evening. Such people radiate a positive energy that can be an instant fix for grumpy moods. If you are yet to adopt this habit, this could just be the right time to do so. It is simple and takes next to nothing to greet your colleagues with a smile. It will only make the atmosphere light and warm for you. And, what do you stand to gain out it?  The next time you ask for someone’s help at work, he or she will be happy to cater to your requirement.

Respect deadlines and deliver projects on time

Do you often struggle to deliver your projects within deadlines? Are you building a reputation of being laidback and lacking the ability to manage projects effectively? Everyone is overworked. But good employees know how to prioritise, attach deadlines to each project and complete them in time. If you find yourself struggling to prioritise, speak to your immediate manager and seek suggestions. This will also reflect on your problem-solving skills. Each day, make it a habit to dedicate a couple of hours of undisturbed time towards important tasks. Set your work goals on a daily or weekly basis and complete them based on your priority list.

Never take credit for another person’s work

If anyone is looking for a shortcut to building a bad reputation at work, this is it! When you work on a project, regardless of how trivial the accomplishment may be, it is always wise to share an accurate record with your bosses. Give credit to the co-worker who helped you achieve the desired result. Maintain a sheet of contributions and accomplishments throughout the project timeline and maintain it accurately. For instance, if your boss wants to appreciate the graphic work used in the project presentation, make sure to point out the right person behind the effort.

In the end, having no reputation at all is worse than having a bad reputation. Make sure you are known for what you stand for. Exhibit your USPs as and when you get the chance to so people around you are aware of your true personality.