4 things we can learn from Virat Kohli

4 things we can learn from Virat Kohli

Wednesday September 21, 2016,

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When, like me, you’ve been working in the internet industry since forever, you realise that you tend to interact and work with a certain predefined profile of people. While every person is different and all interactions bring their own learnings, your industry peers do tend to have a lot of similarities — whether in their ways of working, interacting or even their thought processes. These similarities create a form of predictability that makes you comfortable as you know what to expect. Some interactions, however, force you out of your comfort zone.


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Virat Kohli needs no introduction, and everyone in the team, including myself, was looking forward to meeting him and working with his team to deliver great products. During these interactions, I got the chance to discover certain aspects of his persona — the man, the businessman, the athlete, and the people’s idol.

While the worlds of internet startups and international sports athletes are completely different, I came to realise that a lot of the qualities required for people from these different worlds to succeed are the same. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in your garage or a world class athlete, there is a set of principles that should guide you on your journey and help you rise to the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Here’s what I’ve learnt through my interactions with Virat:

Time management

Virat is an extremely busy man. I knew that before, but it’s not until I started working with him that I truly understood the meaning of a hectic schedule. We all have 24 hours a day; what makes a difference is how we choose to spend these precious minutes. Virat’s schedule is managed to the minute with impressive precision, and there is not a single moment that goes to waste. This is very necessary for entrepreneurs — time is a scarce resource, and we forget that fact too often. How we decide to spend our time should be one of our most important tasks!

This naturally leads me to preparation.

It is imperative to understand your priorities and plan your days accordingly. Virat’s meetings and events are carefully planned and prepared. He always knows the objective and what his role is. Virat does his homework carefully, and we should all do the same.

Believe in hard work

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough. That’s the difference between good and great and Virat lives and breathes by this principle. No matter how gifted and talented he is, Virat also wants to make sure he is the hardest working person in the room. That’s the only way to be the best. Don’t waste your gift thinking your talent alone will carry you.

ADYB — always do your best

The right attitude in all endeavours is essential. Virat always gives his 100 percent; whether in training, on the pitch, or during a meeting, you will get his complete attention and contribution. Winners know that you need to give it ALL.

Pursuit of learning

Finally, and probably the most admirable trait in Virat’s attitude and personality, is his willingness to learn. It was a very humbling experience to witness a champion like him say, “You are the experts; you tell me how,” during a meeting. Lack of knowledge or capability is an opportunity to become better, not a liability. Champions thrive on these opportunities. Turn a weakness into a strength; recognise it and work on it.

The article is written by Ahmed Arab, Co-founder, Privyplex, a Singapore-based company which helps celebrities efficiently engage with their fans.

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