5 things that could be sending your best employees towards the competition

5 things that could be sending your best employees towards the competition

Sunday September 25, 2016,

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Employers across the world will swear by the fact that human resources are one of the most important resources in the company, equally important as capital and cutting-edge technology. There is a race to find and hire the most talented and skilled employees, and effort is expended in retaining them in the company. However, employers may find to their shock and dismay that employees jump ship despite seemingly being provided all the perks and benefits they asked for and all the resources they need to work productively. This phenomenon has left industry experts and employers stumped.

Here are five reasons why your best employees could be leaving despite you feeling you have done everything right.


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Your company is lacking in innovation

Innovation is what sets a company apart from the rest of the crowd. The more a company innovates and provides present-day solutions to the market, the more the employees are driven to further innovate and take the company ahead. If your company is merely playing catch up or is limited to providing back-end services or support to the industry-leading innovators, your employees may be frustrated and leave to join a hub of innovation instead.

A dearth of vision

Each company must have a clear and defined vision that they work towards no matter the demands of profit, markets or other issues. This vision is backed up by a set of core values that the company must adhere to while transacting business, developing new product lines or generating new ideas and solutions. More importantly, the core values must resonate with the employees and give them a sense of unity and synergy with the company so that they get on board with the process and practices of the company. They should be a homogeneous and integral part of it as a result. A lack of vision and core values may leave employees confused.

Does the employee have the opportunity to grow?

Each employee has a set of personal goals. If the employee decides that the company is not conducive to achieving his or her personal goals, they will attempt to find a new job which allows them to achieve both their personal and professional goals. A survey conducted by Randstad found that most individuals quit their job due to a lack of growth opportunities within. When an employee finds that all the higher positions in your corporation are already filled, or worse, a peer who doesn’t have managerial skills is being promoted, he or she will attempt to find employment at another company to fulfil his or her ambition.

Your company is a follower

Every employee would like to be a part of an organisation that sets the trends in the market or industry rather than simply following existing trends. To be a trendsetter in a trendsetting company gives a sense of pride and accomplishment that no amount of money or perks can replace or provide.

There’s no sense of ownership

Every employer must generate within their employees a sense of ownership. Individuals like to feel that they work for ‘My’ company and not ‘a’ company. All the employees must be personally invested in the company and feel that their fortunes are tied to that of the company. If a sense of ownership is absent, the employees will have no qualms about jumping ship to another company.

As an employer, you must provide these sensitive reasons for your best employees to remain invested with you and not work with one foot out of the door, on the lookout for greener pastures.