27,000 people are watching live patiently waiting for a Samsung Galaxy Note7 to explode

27,000 people are watching live patiently waiting for a Samsung Galaxy Note7 to explode

Saturday October 15, 2016,

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It has been banned on flights across the world. The United States Department of Transportation has deemed it too dangerous to fly. It has been exploding all over the place. All that could have gone wrong for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, has! Finally, the South Korean tech giant had to permanently cease production after the replacement phones started catching fire and exploding as well. It’s an unprecedented disaster for Samsung as customers rapidly lose trust and financial losses of $17 billion loom.

After warnings several customers in the US have put up their phones for sale on Craigslist. And viral content website Dose just came up with a unique idea. They bought a Samsung Galaxy Note7 off Craigslist and plugged it in for charging. Now they are waiting to see how long until it explodes? Along with them watching this spectacle live on their Facebook page are almost 30,ooo people.

At the time of writing this post, the video has been live for over two hours. The video has been shared by over 26000 people and over 77000 people have reacted on the post.

We are watching along with the world. What do you think? How long until it explodes? Or will this turn out to be a 'Dud'?

Back home in India, according to Mashable, Samsung India has issued an apology to customers in India who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note7. To make it up to them, the company is now offering them an "exclusive" Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, with a Samsung Gear VR and a Samsung Level U stereo wireless headset at no charge. In addition, the company says it will also ship an Oculus content voucher to these customers, and offer One Time Screen Replacement on the new phone.

By the way, turns out Samsung now faces problems beyond just the exploding Note 7. Read to know more