7 tips to get your marketing videos right

7 tips to get your marketing videos right

Monday December 19, 2016,

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The reason videos work wonders is because of their visual appeal. Pictures and videos will not only immediately catch your attention, but they will also be ingrained in your memory for a longer period of time than textual content. This is one reason why brands are coming onboard the video bandwagon. However, marketing videos are different from non-marketing ones. The former is focused on the product or service that a brand is trying to sell.


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With social media taking over our lives, it is only natural for brands to create videos to enhance their online presence. Forrester Research found that videos were 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than traditional text pages. That said, check out these seven tips to help you create perfect marketing videos.

Recognise your strength

Whatever product or service it is that you're trying to sell, chances are that someone has tried to sell similar things already. If such is the case, how do you break the clutter and stand out? Simple. Recognise the USP of your product. Identify what sets your product apart from other similar products and make it the highlight of your video.

Make sure there is a story

While branding is the main reason behind making a marketing video, don't let it stop you from telling a great story. Regardless of your brand, a story that will make people laugh or tug at their heartstrings will surely stay in their minds longer.

Educate viewers

Just because everyone in the market is harping on about the benefits of their product, it doesn't mean you don't do it at all. Your viewers need to know what your product has to offer even if it is painfully obvious sometimes. Try to do it subtly with a great script backing you.

Busting myths

With every popular product or service in the market, there are certain myths accompanying it. Take the top three myths that plague the popularity of your product and debunk them with case studies and relevant customer testimonials.

Keep it short

Marketing videos aren't like films. Nobody likes to watch a video that is trying to sell a product unless it has a good story to tell. For this reason, keep it short from the scripting stage. Don't wait for the clips to reach the editing table and then decide that you want a shorter and crisper video. There is only so much your editing team can do.

Decipher target audience

We are in the digital age. When you're talking about target audience, you aren't only referring to the group that consumes your product. You're also taking into consideration the platform on which your video is going to be marketed on. If your video is going to be promoted on Facebook, you'll need to tailor it for a large audience of varied demographics. However, if you plan to run it on a platform like Instagram, you could focus make it more fun and youth appealing.

Include a call-to-action

The best way to make the most of a marketing video is to include a call-to-action. You can always ask viewers to sign up for newsletters or ask them to comment about the video. Another thing that can be done is to include URLs of your blog or website in the video to increase traction.

In today's digital age, not only do good videos go viral, bad videos, too, attract eyeballs for all the wrong reasons. It is therefore necessary to have a clear vision and strategy in place before embarking down the branded videos route. There have been instances in the past where brands have gone terribly wrong with marketing videos and it has done them more harm than good.