Is your body speaking the right language?


Your body plays a huge role in deciding the quality of your interactions with people around you. It is the mind that does all the processing of information. The body complements the output of the mind with appropriate body posture, gestures, and movements, which is commonly called body language. Due to the reduction of physical activity in most people holding desk jobs, their body tends to develop a sort of sloppiness that not only is a mismatch for their mind, but also hinders the mind's free and optimal functioning. Here are three things you should know to keep the body-mind equation in top shape:

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Action speaks louder than words

To think that the inadequacy of the mind can somehow be camouflaged with (fake) body language is the biggest and most common misconception of modern-day executives. Say, you have a very important business meeting and you have done zero preparation, and you're pitching all your hopes on some article you've read on body language, you're heading the wrong way. Body language is an automatic, synchronised output of the mind's activity. Don't expect to excel purely on posture or the wave of your hand. Do your homework. Nothing brings confidence like a mind that is active.

Exercise regularly

We live in an age where ill health is bought at a premium. Convenience has robbed us of all the natural powers of our body. Stiff back, aching joints, and lack of stamina did not come about magically. They all have a cause. And that cause is our absurd and unreasonable dependency on conveniences. Want to look confident at a meeting? Try swimming regularly. Physical exercise or meditation naturally refreshes the mind. If the mind is refreshed, the body will respond the right way.

Listen to your body

Most people put up a show with their body language, but seldom do they realise that if their body can speak to others, it can very well speak to themselves, too. The body speaks to its owner all the time. The pain in the neck is the body telling you that you are not sitting correctly. The irritation in the eye is your body telling you that you're looking at the computer screen longer than you should. Instead of listening to our bodies, we carry on, or worse still, pop pills to silence the body. This is a very dangerous trend that's ruining our health today. It is absolutely critical to develop the habit of listening to our bodies to stay fit and healthy.

In conclusion, the body is the tool the mind uses to fulfil its goals. Your mind may have set high goals. But if you don't realise the role of the body in achieving those goals, the price to be paid will be unpleasant.


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