4 ways to use hashtags to generate better leads

4 ways to use hashtags to generate better leads

Friday February 03, 2017,

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If you’ve ever been on any social networking site, you’ve probably seen those seemingly random blue words with the hash sign below a good number of posts. Initially originating in Twitter, the whole aura of hashtags spread quickly across every social media platform just to become the latest trend in vogue that never seems to fade away. Understanding how to use them in the right manner can reap huge benefits for your company with penetrating the different social media platforms. For effective market campaigns, increasing awareness, and to help connect with prospects and influencers, use hashtags in the best way possible.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Here are four efficient ways to use hashtags to generate better leads:

Use relevant hashtags

It is a known fact that posts that contain hashtags receive twice as much engagement than those without them. Using hashtags makes posts discoverable, thereby being able to reach a larger number of people at the same time. Hashtags are akin to keywords, and before posting something, a person should always research the trending hashtags on that particular topic. Using the correct hashtags will make your post stand out and help it reach the target audience of your choice.

Use it like a leads list

Hashtags are great way to generate leads that are industry and market specific. If you click on the trending hashtags pertaining to your industry, you will be able to find a good number of influencers and prospects belonging to the same niche.

A good way to increase your reach is to follow these influencers – there is a great chance that some of them might follow you back.

Use the same hashtag

If you are trying to launch a product, stage an event or anything alike, it’s a good idea to keep a hashtag that is unique to that post. Ask anyone and everyone before and after the launch/event to use the same hashtag if they ever make a public post online. This would streamline all the posts together along with the target audience and create an even bigger outreach.

Hold a Twitter chat

Twitter chats can be great, especially if you want to increase customer engagement. Hold a chat that is relevant to the product or the brand and popularise it by using relevant hashtags. Doing this would ensure that people use those hashtags over and over again, thereby making them popular. Holding online chats has two benefits: not only does it sensitise the already existing customers about a new venture or an ongoing one, but also let others discover the same, making them potential customers.

Too many hashtags not only makes you look sleazy, even a wannabe if you will, but also defeats the basic purpose of it. Hashtags are not going anywhere; their growing popularity is proof of this. Use it wisely to get the most from them. Remember, it’s a tool of great importance and not an apparatus to look cool on the internet.