Kolkata is turning digital, a media agency working for 2000 brands in Kolkata, achieved 5 crore turnover

Kolkata is turning digital, a media agency working for 2000 brands in Kolkata, achieved 5 crore turnover

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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Dipak Agarwal, Founder of OneX Solutions, shares his experience of starting his own company

Dipak says, "In India, the retail segment is not that organised in doing business. They have never thought of a database to be an asset of a company. I wanted to help such clients organise their database. It's important to make them realise that just normal day-to-day trading is just not enough in this digital era. It's very much important to update your database with contact numbers and email IDs. To keep existing customers intact or hooked the core is to how to use your existing data and enhance your business opportunities."

With this frame of mind, Dipak established OneX Solutions in January 2013 as the sole founder. He is a chartered accountant and has had one year’s experience working for Ernst and Young.

OneX Solutions
Team OneX Solutions

What does OneX Solutions do?

OneX Solutions provides services in digital marketing. It deals in bulk SMS, bulk email, voice call, VMN, and digital-based solutions. It helps clients in promoting and marketing their products/services via SMS and email. Through its lead generation campaigns, it helps clients build customers. It has a pan-India database of various profile like salaried class, pincode-wise data, car owners, postpaid mobile users, etc.

Dipak shares, " We have tried to educate our clients about the importance of having their own data. The Indian tradition of keeping things on books and papers was a big hurdle we had to face. Making the client tech-savvy is a big-time thing. We focused on assembling all the scattered data and bringing it to a one-point centre. Thereafter, the team has assisted them in converting the data into soft copy Excel format. This culture has infused a habit in them to update their records properly and in a timely manner."

The USP of the service lies in its ability to hit the target audience of the client as per their industry standards and nature of business. It has helped clients reach their customers on various occasions like anniversary time, stock out sale, announcement of new products, etc

Market size

The digital media industry in India is estimated at around Rs 35,000 crore. OneX Solutions’ corporate office is in Kolkata. It also has virtual offices in Mumbai and Delhi.

The company has been growing at the rate of 50 percent every year since inception and expects to grow by 100 percent by 2017. Its revenues over the last three years have been more than Rs 5 crore and with the launch of their new product M-Classifieds, should touch Rs 20 crore for FY 17–18.

The company has a team of 12 people, divided into departments like customer support, sales, back office admin, etc. It is bootstrapping as of now. It has always believed in generating money through up-sale and has aimed to design products which are profit-driven.