Save time during the week with these great tips

Save time during the week with these great tips

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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You might not be a morning person or you might not particularly enjoy a kick-boxing routine after work. But there are many more habits and routines that you can get used to in order to save several hours during the week. Whether it the start of the day or somewhere in between, losing motivation is natural. But don’t worry, there are a million ways to keep yourself on track with a little effort. Kickstart with these golden tips to have a great week ahead!

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Keep your temptations far away

If you are working on a tight deadline and you are constantly distracted by phone calls or notifications on your phone, then keep your phone in another room and continue with your work. It won’t hurt to answer those calls later or check Instagram and Facebook when you’re done with your work.

Use the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is a brilliant way to ensure you finish your work on time along with having something to look forward to. This involves breaking your work into 25 minute periods, or Pomodoros, giving your tasks undivided attention for the whole 25 minutes and then mentally recharging yourself after each interval.

Follow four Pomodoros with 5 minute breaks and then take a longer break of 15-20 minutes.

Time to be result-oriented

Appearing to be busy might make you feel important but the results are negligible. In order to really complete your tasks, you need to be completely focussed on the task at hand. Intensive and productive work in short periods of time are more effective than prolonged periods of incomplete work.

Wake up to a pleasant day

Keep a positive mind-set and say the words ‘Today is MY day’ as soon as you wake up. Wake up to a pleasant alarm tone that will rouse you in a relaxed manner. Fix a writing board onto your wall wherein you can list three things you are grateful for or that make you happy. Look at it for ten seconds and a smile will appear naturally on your face.

Group similar tasks together

A perfect way to smoothen your workflow is to group similar tasks together. Doing these tasks and doing them at once will save you lots of time. You will finish them faster and avoid the distractions of email and social media.

Have a plan of action

Do not ever turn on your laptop or PC without a proper plan of action. If you do, then be prepared to spend incessant hours Facebooking or mindlessly scrolling through your mail box. Plan out your work and determine how much time you will be browsing the net.

Wear your headphones

This is an effective a way to discourage time wasters from approaching you, you know, the ones who constantly waste time near the vending machine and hang out around people’s cubicles to get gossip out. You needn’t necessarily listen to music. The headphones will effortlessly send out a message to stay clear.

So why not quadruple your outcome from today?