How to use social media emoji to humanise your business

How to use social media emoji to humanise your business

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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The very first thing taught in new age business communication classes are to not use emoji and smileys in your formal communication. It took a lot of effort for the net-savvy generation to implement this thumb rule. However, when it comes to social media platforms, this rule is now unbecoming. Emoji are not only cute but also add a personal touch to the message being conveyed. It also helps reveal the brand’s personality. Here are a few ways you can make the best of emoji on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others:

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Know the meaning/significance of the emoji

It is highly advisable to know the meanings of different emoji and understand what the symbols stand for before using them. You do not want to do more harm than good, do you?

Use them in direct messaging

Social media platforms are the places where maximum emoji are used. These days, posts can even be found using emoji. Direct messaging on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms has increased multifold, and this provides a great way to use emoji. Corporates are now using direct messaging avidly to connect with their customers. The use of emoji enables you to connect with customers at a human level, by expressing the feelings and concerns of your brand. Remember that an effective emoji marketing campaign makes your ads or posts clear, not difficult to decipher. Coca Cola, Domino’s, and even Game of Thrones are some popular brands that have leveraged emoji usage to their advantage.

Create your brand emoji

If you have a brand which can be represented as an emoji or many emoji, you should get to work. If you have characters or products which customers can use in their daily lives, then go ahead and make some. This is an excellent way to reach masses and engage with your target audience. Alternatively, you could also ensure your presence in the sticker world.

Match the emoji with the message

Marketing campaigns have defined goals, messages, objectives, and performance measurement matrices. Emoji add a personal touch to the message and also help match the right emotions with the given text. It becomes extremely crucial to make sure the intended message reaches the end user/reader.

While using emoji is an amazing way to connect with audiences, trying to force them where they don’t belong is a bad idea. At best, you’ll confuse your customers. At worst, you might drive them away forever.